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ck-modelcars.de in own matter: Our new trainees

ck-modelcars.de in own matter: Our new trainees

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Two new trainees and an annual intern joined our crew on August 1st, 2020: We want to introduce Sophie Cromm, Daniel Mesler and Louis Mulch

Gruppenfoto: Auszubildende ck-modelcars.de, copyright Foto: CK
Sophie Cromm, Auszubildende ck-modelcars.de, copyright Foto: CK
Daniel Mesler, Auszubildender ck-modelcars.de, copyright Foto: CK
Louis Mulch, Jahrespraktikant ck-modelcars.de, copyright Foto: CK

Training young people and thereby giving them a qualified start in life is also a matter close to the heart for the ck-modelcars.de team. It is not only about the care of offspring in the own company by creating training positions: However, the trainiees' talents come into play and thus amplify the team right from the start, but there is more to it! Because the engagement in the vocational training also ensures the quality of life in the entire region around the company and prevents the emigration of young people - especially an important fact in countryside regions, because the youngsters there also have the opportunity to look after their future: Get to know Sophie Cromm, Daniel Mesler and Louis Mulch at this point!

Ladies first: Sophie Cromm is from Kubach and cultivates hobbies in her free time like horse riding and darts games. The 18 year old already knows the working life from minijobs, used German as a favorite subject at school and is now in an apprenticeship as an office management clerk at ck-modelcars.de. Why did she choose this position? "The description of the education sounded well and the impression of the internship was good!" The previous internship made her enjoy working as an office clerk. She is now looking forward to a good collaboration and to lern a lot of new things. Her goal: To continue this profession in the company. Does this also mean that you want to stay in the region? A permanent employment contract after passing the final exam is usually a condition for starting a family.

Daniel Mesler wants to implement this project: The 25-year-old from Daubhausen stated that he wanted to build a house for his loved ones as the goal in the interview that served as the basis for this article. As with his colleague Sophie, being friendly with people is an important quality for Daniel, who has already gained experience in sales for LEDs and lists mathematics as his favorite subject at school. The young man plays handball as a goalkeeper at TSV Daubhausen in his free time. He prefers to follow soccer ball games with his friends. Despite all his love for sport, he still appreciates working on the PC and the diverse activities in the job description of a businessman for office management. And why ck-modelcars.de? "Because it's a young, fast-growing company and because of my interest in modelcars!"

And Daniel's expectations of his education? He wishes for a good working atmosphere, nice colleagues, honesty and professional support with problems! Also fits! With Louis Mulch we come to a 16 year old student, who decided, due to the good impressions from the trail day, to complete his annual internship as part of the technical college entrance qualification. His favorite subject in school was sport and thus he visits the gym in his spare time; the man from Naunheim also likes Playstation and meeting friends. His goal: "I want to learn a lot of things and to go through many departments!" His goal in the end: The technical diploma. ck-modelcars.de welcomes the new junior staff on August 1st, 2020: Full of anticipation that they will bring fresh ideas and the impulses of a new generation into the company. 


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