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Batman: The superhero and the model cars

Batman: The superhero and the model cars

No other superhero is more popular than Batman. The American comic artist and author Bob Kane imagined the figure of a bat - thus the meaning of the name in German. Together with his colleague Milton Bill Finger, Kane published the first comic to this series in May, 1939, with the magazine Detective Comics. The story says that behind the black bat costume is the figure of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who is committed to the fight against evil. The characters from Zorro and D’Artagnan (“The Three Musketeers”), well-known from literature, and Sherlock Homes were the inspiration. However, Batman does not have super powers; he derives his superiority in the fight against crime from his fortune and from the possibilities that the technical aids offer him: superior cars, for example.

And these are enjoyed by the fans with the same cult status as Batman himself: First of all there is the Batmobile of the TV-series from the 1960s, which appeared from Jada Toys in scale 1:18 and has a movable engine hood as well as light effects; like most miniatures of diecast including matching figures. That also counts for the Batmobile of the animation series in 1:24, which has also an openable engine hood. The Tumbler from “Batman Begins“ 1995 and the one from “The Dark Night Rises“ from 2012 are also at the top of the fans’ favour; also from HotWheels as the Batmobile from “Batman Forever“ 1995. Modelcars that should not be missing in any collection are available in the scale 1:43 with 14.95 euros in pocket money sector as well as with 27.95 euros and 29.95 euros in the size 1:24. Fans of models in the high-end area will also get their money's worth with the HotWheels Batmobile



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