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New modelcars: "Le Mans 66" from November in the cinemas

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Stars as Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Caitriona Balfe and Josh Lucas let the fight of Ford against Ferrari in the 1960s come to life: New trailer online

Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 winner Le Mans 1966 1:43
diecast miniatures Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 winner Le Mans 1966 1:18
Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 1 2nd Le Mans 1966 1:18
modelcars miniatures Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 winner Le Mans 1966 1:18
modellautos miniatures Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 winner Le Mans 1966 1:18
miniatures Ford GT40 Mk. IV No. 1 winner Le Mans 1967 1:18

Eager readers of our blog will think about reading this article that the content seems familiar to them: It can be, because modelcars to the topic Le Mans are constantyl guests in our blog. But also for the new movie "Le Mans 66 - Against Any Chance", we have already prepared a detailed review, which we are now picking up again because under the name Shelby Collectibles brand new miniatures in scale 1:18 have appeared this week, which emulating the cars in the film directed by James Mangold: The Ford GT40 comes of diecast to collectors, with wide-opening doors and bonnets, and an excellently replicated drivetrain. At a price that is simply mega! Perfect in proportions and appearance, with excellent details and craftsmanship not to do better!

Watch the new official trailer of the 20th Century Fox, which we have embedded in this article above and you will know the role models of the modelcars, whose manufacturer bears the name of its creator: Director James Mangold stages the star-manned film that tells the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in the 1960s and with it the genesis of the Ford GT40. In 1999 Mangold staged the film "Girl, Interrupted"; Angelina Jolie received the Oscar for her role in it. In 2005, Mangold shot the movie "Walk the Line" about the life of singer Johnny Cash, who was nominated for an Academy Award in five categories - Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress - and who won the Golden Globe for Best Picture. Two Wolverine films with Hugh Jackman were created in 2012 and 2016 as well under Mangold's direction.

The focus of his latest work is the competition of the two carmakers in the race at Le Mans in 1966, the 34th edition of the 24-hour race, the 34? Grand Prix d'Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans was held at the Circuit des 24 Heures from June 18th to 19th, 1966. And like the first trailer, the second release from September 15th convinces with strong emotions, breathtaking driving scenes and already recognizable fantastic features. Reason enough to look at the content that shows us the film: Henry Ford II - played by actor Travy Letts - has taken over the family business of his grandfather and wants to establish American cars on the market dominated by European manufacturers. For this he revised the company concept with the help of the young visionary Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal).

Together with the former racing champion and engineer Carroll Shelby - played by superstar Matt Damon - they are developing the Ford GT40, which is to beat Ferrari at Le Mans, which has never succeeded in any American vehicle. They work on the revolutionary race car with British racing driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), but the collaboration of the stubborn heads turns out to be more complicated than initially thought. But all are pursuing the same goal: Ken Miles should drive the Ford GT40 first across the finish line of Le Mans 1966. And as we know, that's almost done: Ken Miles and Dennis Hulme finished second, while Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon took the overall win. Ronnie Bucknum and Dick Hutcherson took third place. The team Shelby-American Inc. finished in first place.

Release date: November 14th, 2019

And this is exactly what the two modelcars of the vintage 1966 are all about: Under the item number Shelby408 the black GT40 Mk. II with starting number 2 is available, whose role model won the race in 1966. The second placed is drawn by the model in Gulf-blue (Shelby441). Both modelcars have a 7,0 liter V8 reproduced down to the smallest detail, which is decorated in four different colors under the openable hood: A real small art! The third modelcar in these new releases, we will not be seeen in the movie, because it is the GT40 Mk. IV, which won Le Mans 1967 (Shelby423). On the other hand, we still have to wait for the third place finisher of 1966 from Team Holman & Moody. Our conclusion: Better companions to visit the cinema than these modelcars do not exist! Except the dearest, of course!

Here: Click to the modelcars Ford GT40 from Shelby Collectibles


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