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Review: The Porsche 911 from Maxichamps

Review: The Porsche 911 from Maxichamps

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On the occasion of the delivery of two new modelcars to the probably most important nine-eleven in scale 1:43, we remind on something, which was very rare with Minichamps

Porsche 911 993 1:43 Maxichamps
Porsche 911 993 1994
diecast miniatures Porsche 911 993 1:43 Maxichamps
Porsche 911 993 1994

The Porsche 911 of the model series 993: What a sensation was this car! Not only, because the successor of the 964, produced from 1993 to 1998, was the last nine-eleven with air cooling on the market, but because designer Harm Lagaay has given the vehicle a particularly harmonious exterior appearance. That has brought a radical change in the line management of the classic car: The bumpers were more fluent integrated into the body and the rear fenders work despite their width not oversized. The front part, compared to the predecessor, could be drawn flatter, which was technically possible because of the use of the new polyellipsoid-headlights. It was an all around new Porsche-feeling, what the 993 emitted - and to which Maxichamps has presented two new modelcars that are remarkable. 

These have appeared in yellow painting - that should replicate the then color Speedgelb - as well as in silver under the item number 940063000 and 940063001. Maxichamps is the cost-effective label from the house of Minichamps: A brand, under which the people from Aachen reissue old role models. At the time, so 1993, Minichamps had presented the advertise models of the new Porsche 993 contemporaneously to the presentation of the role model, which first came also in silver. With a special feature: The rear light strip came as a sticker! Inconveivably today, but then it was that way! A printed adhesive film - relatively thick material - replicated the rear light unit. The current Maxichamps definitely can that better. The appearance of the 3,6 liter six-cylinder-boxer-engine with 200 kW / 272 hp driven Porsche, which should save the future of the people from Stuttgart, is as always well made.

Here: Click to the modelcars from Maxichamps


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