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BMW M2 Coupé 2016 new from Minichamps

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The Aachener follow the trend to bring out high-class modellautos without functional parts in 1:18 scale.

BMW M2 2016 1:18
Modellautos BMW M2 2016 1:18
modelcars BMW M2 2016 1:18

Just yesterday, we had the Range Rover Evoque HSE dynamic from Kyosho in the size 1:18 in the blog, which has no opening doors and hoods, although made from Diecast. Minichamps had to do without functional parts since the debut of the Audi V8 DTM in 1:43 in 1990, but the Aacheners have argued at the time that doors and hoods don't need to be open in this format. As the story shows, collectors have accepted this argument. An exception has existed: In BMW models, Minichamps has fitted the bonnet with hinges, because the Bavarians have insisted on the reproduction of their designated driving sets. In 1:18, everything was open for years anyway, but since the advent of Resine models, that has changed.

This goes even to the extent that now more Model cars are built from Diecast, without there being parts that open and closed. The BMW M2 Coupé 2016 follows this trend and offers a lot of outstandingly elaborated details. Apart from the fact that the look of the little two-door model was transferred perfectly to the model, the finish is particularly striking. Dear Readers, please pay attention to the front apron and the high-precision perfection in which Minichamps tells you this. Please direct your attention to the perforated brake discs, the slavish correct replica brake calipers and the miniatures of the 19 inch light alloy rims M twin pallets 437, which are designed as a two-color plus logo. The beading at the level of the separately installed door handles seduces the daran by hand: the bang!

Basic data and evaluation

Of course, the fact that Minichamps does not save the details of the interior space completely and in the usual diligence is self-evident. The faucet panel, instruments, center brackets and seats are typical of BMW. The quality of the model therefore does not stop the fact of not having doors that can be opened. Rather than not being able to sit down to experience how the 3.0-liter engine accelerates the vehicle with its 272 kW / 370 hp effortlessly up to 250 km / h - with the optional M Driver's Package even up to 270 In mineral gray Metallic lacquered Modellauto is under the item number 155026102 to have and limited to a scarce number of only 504 units. Good work, Minichamps, compliment!

Here: Click here for the BMW M2 Coupé in the shop


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