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CMC kündigt Renntransporter-Neuheit in 1:18 an

CMC kündigt Renntransporter-Neuheit in 1:18 an

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Das blaue Wunder bekommt seinen Vorgänger zur Seite gestellt: CMC verkleinert nun auch den LO 2750 aus den Jahren 1934 bis 1938.

CMC Rennstransporter LO 2750 1:18
model car Mercedes-Benz Renntransporter LO 2750 1934 Maßstab 1:18
Motor LO 2750
Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 auf Stuttgarter Marktplatz 1934
model car CMC LO 2750 Renntransporter scale 1:18
Rennstransporter LO 2750 1934

Classic Model Cars from Fellbach near Stuttgart is the collectors of high-quality and ultra-high-class model cars for decades a term. For November, the company announced CMC - so the brand under which we know the company - a true feat of to which we take our hats already given the first information: CMC brings another Renntransporter from Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 1:18. This vehicle was in its time a popular and robust known Trucks 2 ¾ ton payload for SMBs. In the years 1934 to 1938 Mercedes-Benz used the LO in 2750 for the transport of the Silver Arrows, the cars exactly the type W 25 and W 125, W 154 and W 165; everyday favored by the low position of the loading platform and the low floor.

the blue painted truck was powered by a four-cylinder diesel with 48 kW / 65 PS. As we know, the years of the Silver Arrows were glorious years for the company, the high the plane to return home to Stuttgart and tailgates down and worked the audience roadside presented the winning race car. Many images from the archives of Daimler AG - looks even 03 June 1934 Market Stuttgart - evidence of these proud moments. But now we want you to make your mouth water and a few details of the model car LO 2750 racing transporter betrayed: Hand mounted metal model from 2,365 parts, including 1,991 from metal! Structure with tarpaulin and racks using metal, wood, textile, leather and brass! The fittings of the folding tail-lifts are also made of metal.

Fantastic details all the way to the radiator cap

The cargo area of ??the model is designed such that it can absorb the models of the above silver arrows. The doors are open, the three-piece engine cover as well; the views releasing a meticulously traced interior with leather upholstered seats and movable hand brake! The windshield is issuable. The radiator cap of the replica of the radiator made of stainless steel can be unscrewed! The two spare wheels and open tool boxes can be removed. The fuel filler cap can be unscrewed; the floor assembly is with all lines 1: simulated. 1 Front and rear axles are made of metal. The tarpaulin is supported by a combination of brass eyelets and leather straps - in model, mind you.

Second step: Luxury Doppelset

The thumbnail will also receive four wedges and clamping line with adjustable turnbuckles to fix the race car. The model celebrates under item number M-144 made its debut and already enjoys brisk advance. But it gets even better: For November / December CMC announced a bundle on, so the LO 2750 Renntransporter but loaded with a W 25 in the version of a training cars, so be distinctive with a "T" instead of the starting number of known models. This prevents duplication in the display cases - a great move by CMC. The double set is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. For the end of 2016 / early 2017 the model carmaker additional versions of the LO in 2750 is planning a responsive more to fan civilian miniatures. We are delighted that the legendary "The Blue Wonder" such a beautiful predecessor is put aside.

Have a fine Sunday and enjoying the late summer sun!


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