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BREAKING NEWS: Ferrari Formula 1 2016 model cars in1:18

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Do you know the saying: It is different as you think? This happened to the blogger today. Premiere for new Bburago models.

Ferrari  Formel 1 Vettel 2016 1:18
Kimi Räikkönen in Singapur 2016
Model car Ferrari  Formula 1 Vettel 2016 1:18

Actually it already was Weekend: The sun is shining, the weather burning hot, the wine with your meal a pleasure. But if a writer has worked in Formula 1, then it can be assumed that it certainly can not be otherwise on a weekend when the pinnacle of motor sport starts. So even today. The food fantastic Tortellini alla panna was suddenly interrupted: New model cars were arriving; not just anybody, but the current official car of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räkkönen. If that does not report on our blog required, then we do not know it. So off Noodles & Vino and go to the desk to examine the models available under item nos 18-9862 and 18-9879 classic Bburago 1:18 scale. Because as an author to Formula 1 models, you will feel a bit belonging to F1. In Format 1:18 flat.

Bburago made this size with the Ferrari F40 in 1988 only really popular, has the toy Illustrative of previous years but stored. According perfectly well the model car to the SF16-H die cast zinc with plastic body parts, such as the formula is 1 racer from Maranello this year. The H stands for electric hybrid vehicle. James Allison was responsible for the design of the proposed on 19 February 2016 49. Formula 1 Ferrari responsible. The compared with the same car significantly altered nose, as serious leaner side boxes and the correspondingly adapted engine cover has shrunk as aptly Bburago, as the details of the chassis and the overall impression are met perfectly.

The assessment would be clear

The prints of the sponsor stickers and the paint speak the clear language and surfers in model that tires presents itself accordingly. The nose of the SF16-H forms the so-called Special Edition of Bburago after just as well as the delicate telemetry antennas and the skirting or splitter on the front bumper. Better than Bburago other label can not build the current race car models. Compliment! We Wish by a 1.6 liter turbo engine driven model now that it creates the connection to Mercedes-AMG F1, but with 143 and 136 points prove Vettel and Raikkonen ahead of Singapore the 4th and 5th place, leader Hamilton with 250 counters not being able to catch up. Let us rejoice before the race on Sunday but still about exciting models and now go back over pasta. Without Vino, promised. Who knows what's coming.


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[16.09.2016] Schuco erfreut mit dem CLA, Spark mit dem Red Bull



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