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DS is serious - DS Automobiles and Norev with the DS 3

DS is serious - DS Automobiles and Norev with the DS 3

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After the DS 5 Norev now presents new model cars to the new brand and extends the DS 3 in 1:43 scale as a sedan and convertible.

DS 3 Limousine Maßstab 1:43
DS 3 Cabriolet Modellauto Modelljahr 2015 in 1:43
Norev bringt DS 3 Limousine Baujahr 2015 als Modell in 1:43

Just a little while ago we we told you about the  DS 5 here on our blog, now it's  the smaller model we are focusing on: The French  manufacturer Norev based in Vaulx-en-Vaulin near Lyon  brings the DS 3. The most important model of a total of 4 new products is likely to be the DS 3, which is available under item  number 155297 in gray metallic paint with emerald-green roof. The model costs 34,95 Euro  and  corresponds in the look and feel of the latest edition of the sedan which that came out  in 2010 now moving to the new sub DS Automobiles. Of course, the mold engineers from Norev matched the proportions and appearance very well . We really like , the big  bold chrome strip on the sill very much.

Stunning details on DS 3 from Norev in 1:43

You can clearly see the affection for detail in the reconstruction of the radiator grill and the honeycomb, the chrome surrounds of the upper grill element, the chromed exterior mirror base and also chrome-colored, as well as in the  attached strap door handles . The effort at the inner workings of the headlight technology is understandable. That the upper half of the door mirror is the color of the roof corresponds to the model, but also puts it in a higher optical level.  In general, the miniature looks of very high quality; not only by the processing, but also with the diversity of its facilities. Of course, the small roof antenna is not missing; just like the prototypical lettering and chrome around the taillights units.

Citroen DS version of the convertible

The interior of the model remains faithfull to the  chosen finish line in the exterior and shines with a variety of colorings; especially the color of the roof on the dashboard - a real high-quality model, the little DS. The replicas of the alloy wheels and the discs complete our impression of our checks. The Citroen DS3 model built in 2014 in the color combination Pearl White / Moondust (155296) shares the characteristics with the DS 3, thus showing that it still bears Citroen logos; the model from the previous year, without the new brand. The DS 3 convertible in pearl white / emerald green (155 298) with the roof closed, also corresponds to the new DS 3; the dull gray convertible with the roof open, however once again matches the previous year's model (155295).


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