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Argument theme packaging - not at ck-model cars

Argument theme packaging - not at ck-model cars

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Experience in shipping privately purchased model cars and as ck-model cars packed. This is complemented by a new covering hoods from UBH.

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Hello, dear fans, everything good with you? Sometimes it is the same with model cars as in real life: The once coveted model is sorted out from the collection and usually ends up on the internet or even at flea markets, where it will be sold. Ultimately, it is the same with the miniature, as theFamilly car that was bought with alot of thought and joy, that must be given way to get a new car after the leasing contract or because it has become too small. But what is not an issue for the big car, but in the Internet forums often makes disscussions of anger and shaking of the heads: the packaging. A very important point, the ck-model cars met with the necessary care to ensure that the model are in the state when collectors arrive, as when they were ordered: New and entirely complete.

Trouble in the forums

Clearly, if a company like ck-model cars who ship per year around 70,000 orders with the delivery partner DHL / German Post, the system of shipping and packing is naturally organized professionally. This means that not only new boxes, but also the necessary filling material is used to protect the outer skin of the packaging of the models from damage - also the model itself. In the area of private sales, some people make it difficult for themselves. If you look, for example, in the Facebook group "model car collecting in 1:87 - 1:18", then meet the there registered readers often discussions about bad packaging privately shipped models.

Especially a Maybach is in our head, which has the journey not survived. Oblique squeezed into the box, only used newspaper as a filler and end up with a crumbled taillights band at the receiver arriving - if you loose seats disregards the interior. So something must not be, because bubble wrap is to have in the bay very inexpensive: A roll of 50 centimeters wider Noppenfolie costs from 6.79 euros. But the buyer will receive 100 meters of this film! If you consider that models - also needed and depending on the type - 1:18 should cost around 60.00 euros upwards responsible private seller rather invest about money in this type of packaging to later save yourself trouble.

Even models in OVP must be protected

A model car from the format of a Maybach can wrap so well without the mirrors break. Often the collectors raise precisely not the original packaging on - bubble wrap would be our tip for optimal ship the used model. Incidentally, it also helps if the carton of OVP is present, because leeway for shipping box must be filled also, so that the original packaging model is not shaken and the collisions damaged. Also ensures ck-modelcars exemplary. And who does not want to be model car can be open in the display case when is it arrived, the reach for the new covers of UPH that not only offer an excellent design at a low price, but the model is resilient against dust when it is not in a showcase, but is on the desk. Only one way to prolong the enjoyment of the miniature. And that you will have a longer enjoyment to the small art works, we wish you wholeheartedly!


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