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Sweden Hammer: Volvo 240 GL 1986 from Minichamps

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The Aachener present a diecast model car in 1:18 scale that lets us look back 30 years into the past.

Volvo 240 1:18
Volvo 240 / Foto: Von Vaa
Modellauto Volvo 240 Maßstab 1:18

How fast time passes, you can see that better with a Volvo as any other brand: No brand has the effort so much supported by more passive safety showcased as Sweden's Volvo. The powerful bumpers front and rear have the legend of the safety of Swedish steel since its inception. The box sections instilled the individuals who were the holders of such cars commonly, the feeling of relative invulnerability a - and looked our vantage point here not so bad out. produced from August 1974 to May 1993, the 240 series was the absolute volume model of Volvo and specifically in North America extremely popular.

Minichamps has dedicated this memorable milestone in automotive history in a scale of 1:18 a successful model that looks classy and solid in dark green. The engine range during the 19-year production run time ranged from 60 kW / 82 hp to 114 kW / 155 hp. Even before BMW and Mercedes-Benz offered the Volvo series with a straight-six diesel in, which incidentally was bought by Volkswagen and had his home in the VW LT. The US Transportation Security Administration (NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) chose the Volvo 240 in 1976 as a reference vehicle for determining future safety standards for passenger cars from what has made the reputation of the brand in terms of safety to this day.

Handcrafted solid, the model

Yet 1991 was the 240 in 1991 by the American Insurance Institute IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) denoted as the safest vehicle in the American market. The model car is also a very safe, that is stable impression on us, because the die-cast zinc body fits snugly in the hand. What goes well with the image of the model. Unfortunately, more and more doors and hoods remain 1:18 tight, although the models are not resine plastic - so also now the Volvo. For the miniature compensated with a good finish and a harmonious appearance with very good working out the details. But Diecast without functional parts are downgrade Score 3+, after all, has the model car steerable front wheels.

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