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Porsche Mission E - concept study as a model from Spark

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The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer has its vision on the future and now also in 1:43 in the portfolio. Here: The key data for the model.

Porsche Mission E 1:43
Porsche Mission E IAA 2015
model car Porsche Mission E scale 1:43
Porsche Mission E
Modellauto Porsche Mission E Maßstab 1:43
Porsche Mission E Interieur / Interiour

In recent days we have quite extensively employed with the past, but now we are taking a leap into the future: The Porsche Mission E was presented at last year's IAA and should - if the study reached the series status - the Tesla Model S competitor do. A sporty design, 4 doors and plenty of power under the hood; Similarities that share both vehicles together. But while Tesla market stocked for years and offers the Supercharger stations for comprehensive power solutions, Porsche developed yet. The result is a sensational study, received at the Spark the license to manufacture a limited edition of 2015 pieces model car.

Porsche and the Mission E

The Mission E Porsche presented at the IAA in Frankfurt the first all-electric four-seater sports car in the brand's history before, which is not allocated immediately the Stuttgart because of its design language and takes styling cues of the Porsche 918th More than 440 kW / 600 hp performance and over 500 kilometers of range are the sports car emphasized in the specifications. The study provides an all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, accelerating in less than 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and requires a charging time of 15 minutes 80 percent of the electrical energy. The instruments are operated by means of vision and gesture control, sometimes even holograms.

But let us leave less to control gimmicks, but look at what the fans of sports cars more interesting: the motors. In the case of the mission are 2 permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PSM); like they were used in last year's Le Mans winning 919 hybrid, speed up the stroller and recover braking energy. Together they propel the Mission E in less than 12 seconds to 200. At its high efficiency, high power density and the constant power delivery is another plus: Unlike today's e-drives they develop their full power even when repeated acceleration at short intervals , Whatever is indispensable for a sports car; especially on rural roads.

15 minutes for other 400 kilometers

The On-demand all-wheel drive with Porsche Torque Vectoring - in other words the automatic distribution of torque to individual wheels - makes the power to the road, the steering wheel is sporty precisely the desired direction. In order for the Mission E is fit for the racetrack, on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, he remains under the 8-minute mark. The Mission E can drive on a single battery charge more than 500 kilometers in approximately a quarter of an hour to refuel energy for about 400 kilometers. Porsche sets to achieve these values ??for the first time the 800-volt tech- nology. The voltage doubling compared to current electric vehicles with 400 Volt carries several advantages: shorter loading times and less weight because lighter copper cables with reduced cross-section.

The Mission E was suitable to for a lightweight concept with optimum weight distribution and low center of gravity. The lying in the car floor underfloor battery based on the latest lithium-ion technology extends the full length between front and rear axles. The weight is distributed evenly over both drive axles and ensures a good balance. In addition, the focus of the sports car is therefore extremely low. Both increases the performance and the sports car feeling significantly. Overall, the body of a functional mixture of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber reinforced plastic - 130 centimeters high.

Good grade for the model car

The model car transmits the equally purist as characteristic design modeled very precisely according to the cast resine plastic model car. The interior, the sculptural curved headlights and the centrally retracted roof has the team to Hugo Ripert made perfect. Made of carbon wheels emerged: The model Mission E stands on wide tires with 21-inch wheels in front and 22-inch wheels at the rear, has worked out excellent whose appearance and dimensions Spark. The formations of the outlets in the sides and the air ducts to flow around the wheels show great care of modelers in creating this model car, which we therefore give a 2+: Our maximum score for Resine models because staying doors and hoods due to the material, unfortunately, too.


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