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BMW M5 Touring - sports car in camouflage from Ottomobile

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The model car label presents a M5 Series E61 station wagon to us In 1:18 and gets thus the Best points.

BMW M5 5er E61 1:18
BMW M535i
model car BMW M5 5er E61 scale 1:18
BMW M5 Touring
Modellauto BMW M5 5er E61 Maßstab 1:18

Just now, we experienced at the 29th Oldtimer days Berlin-Brandenburg in the Classic Remise Berlin how the theme cars employs entire families. While dad takes care of the family car, the son plays car racing games on the smartphone. Mama cleans the chrome parts and the daughter flirts with the pretty blond boy from the neighboring parking lot. The car is therefore still widespread basis for joint activities - and we found it great. Those looking for a car with a lot of room for the family, certainly lands soon enough before the 5er BMW, the loads of offers a wagon version Touring place. And if Dad does not want to give up the sports car, he picks up the top engine M5.

Review: The 5 Series E61

And it is this all-rounder - space wunder with race car speeding - dedicated the small series Label Otto Mobile a great model car 1:18 scale. Exact model is the M5 Touring with the series designation E61, the estate version of the saloon E60. The 5th generation of the 5 Series was produced between 2003 and 2010, and was the first representative of its form, the operating concept iDrive. Responsible for the design was Davide Arcangeli. He created a car that looks basically like it was the successor of his successor, so timeless and managed the design. The avoidance of superfluous frills and too many beads and edges leads to a simple elegance that is unmatched must look far.

The M5 debuted in early 2005; the estate version presented by BMW in the spring of 2007. Both vehicles were powered by a 5.0 liter V10 engine, which carried 373 kW / 507 hp and 520 Newton meters (Nm) braced maximum torque to the crankshaft. In 4.8 seconds, the M5 Touring was thus accelerates from 0 to 100 km; at their 250 was sealed off. 10 cylinder - friends, let you from say a ten-cylinder is simply a big hit in the auto industry; most pithy and vigorous in sporty appearance, than the more trimmed comfort Zwölfender. Here it is the V10 of the M5 at nothing to see model car as doors and hoods remain in the finished resine plastic miniature unfortunately - as usual with the choice of material - closed.

Fun for the whole family

Nevertheless, it should not obscure the fact that the model car belongs with the best that Otto Mobile has built the: The finish of the inner life of the headlights is perfect; precisely at this level presents the entire model whose appearance corresponds exactly to the prototype. The simple appearance of the M5 Touring was transferred artisanal mouthwatering in the scale 1:18. Lush and well detailed fair also reflects the interior, the dashboard, instruments and side panels with the decorative elements inferior to the model in the premium finish in nothing. Really great so that's what Otto Mobile with the M5 shows: The grade 2+ is the model so sure. A model car on which determines the whole family has fun, right?







Tip: Relax, sit back and listen to the sound of the M5 in the above embedded video! Pure pleasure!


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