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New good looking: Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 in 1:18 is here

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In cooperation with the brand from Stuttgart, Norev is bringing a model car of the C 257 series in two colors with all-around opening doors and hoods

Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 1:18
Modellautos Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 1:18
Modelcars Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 1:18

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is considered the founder of the modern genre of four door coupes and debut with the first generation in the year 2004. Back then, as we remember, the euphoria was great, because the Stuttgarter proved with this car a lot of courage.The brand with the star did not have something so futuristic so far. But also in terms of elegance and appearance, the car based on the E-Class four-door with the series designation C 219 set standards. So it was clear that there would be a continuation of the story. In 2011, the successor with the reference number C 218 appeared, which scared off many fans with its crude design in the front. The elegance was gone, also because of the 1950s-citing rear fenders. At the Los Angeles Auto Show in late 2017, the C 257 celebrated its premiere: Norev now delivers the model cars to this.

With the third generation, the CLS gets back a piece of its original elegance, because the front with the reminiscent of the Mercedes-AMG GT Panamericana Grill now again testifies to the designer's efforts to elegance. This time around, they were also diligent enough to smooth the sides again, moving closer to the original 2004 model. The new CLS can be ordered at prices starting at 68.127,50 Euro, with the market launch in March. The delivery of the new model cars in the colors Graphite Gray Metallic and Designo Hyazinthrot Metallic are available under the article numbers B66960546 and B66960545. They are made of sturdy diecast metal and accurately capturing the eye-catching lines. The Frenchmen from Vaulx-en-Vaulin really got the look of the elegant of the four-door coupé. It perfectly reflects the look of the CLS.

The engines and the model

The vehicle comes first without the additional letter AMG in three versions of the in-line six cylinder to the customer: As CLS 350 d 4matic with approximately 2.9 liters and 210 KW / 286 HP, as CLS 400 d 4matic with the same cubic capacity and 250 KW / 340 HP and as CLS 450 4matic with about 3.0 liters and 270 kW / 367 hp. The EQ boost brings an additional 10 kW / 16 hp. Norev delivers an acceptably good replica of the power packs under the opening hood. Significantly richer in details and lovingly designed but also in the interior with its well-colored controls. All four doors can be opened; also the trunk is designed as a functional part. It is a pleasure to see what quality level the French of Norev have achieved in the meantime: the best or nothing.

Here: Click for the new CLS in the scale 1:18


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