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Fascinating Coupé: Ferrari F12 tdf from LookSmart

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The Italian small series label presents new model cars of one of the thrilling coupes from Maranello in the scale 1:18

Modellautos Ferrari F12 tdf 1:18
Ferrari F12 tdf

The small series manufacturer LookSmart serves the collectors of high-quality scale 1:18 miniatures six new special model cars modeled after the Ferrari F12 tdf (a make based on the Ferrari F12) limited to just 799 copies. The Ferrari F12 tdf has 574 kW / 780 hp, which the car draws from a 6.3-liter V12 with 48 valves. The resulting 705 Newton meters (Nm) of maximum torque braces the F12 alone on the rear axle. Switched by seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The abbreviation tdf is intended to commemorate the 1899-1986 French Tour de France for automobiles; a road race similar to the Mille Miglia, which was driven in contrast to the legendary Italian model but in different stages. Later, racecourses on circuits were added.

LookSmart had already secured the license to build the model car of the F12 tdf for miniatures in the 1:43 scale and now presents limited editions in the next larger format in very small quantities. All models, except for the version in Giallo Modena, wear different decorative stripes and thus bring variety into the showcase, in which all issues of LookSmart are parked. The label hit proportions of the Gran Turismo exactly. The look of the models is perfect, from the exceptionally stylish front apron to the rear diffuser. The detailing of the model is inspiring: The ventilation openings on the hood front and on the front fenders are just as well modeled, as the exterior mirrors.

Dream car becomes affordable

The replicas of the alloy wheels inspire every collector; not just fans of Ferrari models. Because of the choice of the material (Resin plastic) for the model, the elaborately built rear flap unfortunately remains closed as does the hood. And underneath this, there would be much to discover, as the basic data summarized at the beginning reveal. A Ferrari F12 tdf was until the appearance of the LaFerrari the strongest, public-authorized Ferrari. In just 2.9 seconds, it accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour; 7.9 seconds pass until he has reached a pace of 200. The maximum speed is given as 340 kilometers per hour. To own this marvel of technology at least 379,000.00 euros were owe. Therefore the miniatures are then more affordable and this dream car almost touchable.

Click here: The new Ferrari F12 tdf in 1:18


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