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Another big achievment: the VW Beetle from 1961 in 1:12

Another big achievment: the VW Beetle from 1961 in 1:12

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Beautiful model car for Throwback Thursday: Now with Sunstar another manufacturer mixes the market of miniatures in a large scale

VW Käfer 1:12
Modelcars VW Käfer Beetle 1:12
Modellautos VW Käfer 1:12

It almost seems as if every week we have to report about at least one 1:12 model car. There are no such instructions for the editors, but as mentioned in the subheading of this article, the range of models of this format is obviously becoming wider and wider. Now the US manufacturer, Sunstar, brings out the 1961 Beetle, the VW Beetle in exactly this size and leaves us in wonder. Not only because of the appearance that made Sunstar perfect, but above all because of the other dimension of detailing that the label with the beetle model takes us into. No, in this quality, we have the crawler animal miniature to the car model has not seen. Although there are - and probably nobody will contradict us - there are enough models on the subject.

Beetle makes us do somersaults

Sunstar - self-spelling Sun Star Models - has chosen this prototype definitely with caution, the Beetle counts after all to the most popular cars in the US in the 1960s and 1970s. In our model is a replica of the variant of 1961, so we assume in the absence of a label on the box from the fact that we see a miniature to the VW 1200 in front of us, because under this name, the car from 1954 to 1965 with 22 kW / 30 hp and built from 1960 to 1973 with 25 kW / 34 hp. The replica of the four-cylinder Boxer engine is a technically rock solid work that maps all the units and the Zündspüle correctly. Much more exciting, however, is a look into the passenger compartment.

That's where our enthusiasm for somersaults beats: according to the color scheme of the model in ruby ??red or pastel blue, the dashboard is lacquered; With the chrome trim, the foldable glove box lid and the razor-sharp printed instrument scale, it is a highlight in model making. Since a Porsche 911 of today in 1:18 can not keep up. Turn signal levers, window cranks and door levers are great, but the shifter is a force. Seats and seat rods - everything is authentic. Incidentally, the same applies to the trunk at the front, the unclothed tank and the empty spare wheel well invite you to improve: You can do it, dear collectors, because the fifth wheel is supplied with the jack and hubcaps. It's a really great beetle that Sunstar delivers with this model; a great review for throwback thursday, right?

Here: The two Sunstar beetles in 1:12 in the shop


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