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Range Rover from Welly in scale 1:18- a gem amongst the SUVs

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With the model car of the 4th generation of the SUV Welly finally leaves the niche of low cost provider and brings a real small piece of art to collectors.

Range Rover Modellauto Maßstab 1:18
Modellauto Range Rover Welly Maßstab 1:18
Welly Range Rover Modellauto Maßstab 1:18

No, its not off-roader weeks at ck-model cars, although we have  written about  the Audi Q7 and the BMW X4 in scale 1:18 and are continuing the series with the model of the new Range Rover.  We couldn't do it any other way cause not taking a look at this beutiful model woul be an unforgivable faux pas. This model from Welly comes in 2 colors  with 4 opening doors, as well as an openable hood and trunk: In fuji white under item no 11006MB and in Firenze Red for 84.95 euros each. Common to both miniatures is the exorbitantly high quality of the details on the nose, tail and interior. For the begining take a look at the two front headlights and their inner life - there is no better in Modellautobau.

Important data for the prototype 

The model is the 4th generation of the famous SUV, whose first edition debuted in 1970. The latest version was introduced as a concept car at the Paris Motor Show on September 06, 2012, first appearing with 2 wheelbases. The Range Rover has been developed by Italian design studio and coachbuilder Vercarmodel Saro Srl from Orbassano, By using a body made of aluminum with monocoque the Italians were able to reduce the weight of the platform by 150 kilograms compared to the steel body of its predecessor. In conjunction with other lightweight construction thedesigners suceeded to reduce the total weight of the base model by 420 kilograms. The car is available with 2 diesel engines with 190 kW / 258 PS (V6) and 250 kW / 339 hp (V8). The V8 petrol engine developing 375 kW / 510 hp..

The Model of the Range Rover

Welly provides a real masterpiece with the model  of the Range Rover The first blick is of the front, which brings a meticulously recreated grille. On black honeycomb sits prototypically elaborately printed silver decorative braces. Filigree the underlying, narrow air intakes under the headlights. Their inner life is show of percision and accuracy in the Implementation in this model. No question that the modelers have done a very good job here. The good impression that the front makes is perfected by a black screen underneath the front license plate holder. Patch door handles, no objectionable clearances, a perfectly fitting glazing and in every respect in greater detail, not at top finished in the finish interior round out the great performance of the Welly-Range: As I said, a gem.


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