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Ferrari SF70-H from Bburago in the 1:18 format now availible

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Two drivers, two versions of the model cars: Gina and her sister model of Kimi Raikkonen now have the first miniaturesavailible

Ferrari SF70-H 1:18
#Vettel SF70-H in Malaysia 2017
modelcars Ferrari SF16-H Formel 1 Vettel 2016 1:43

On September 18, 2017, we were able to show the readers of our blog as well as the users of our Twitter account the first pictures of the current car of the Scuderia Ferrari in 1:18 scale. Now the two models are available for the vehicles of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen. From our point of view, Bburago has made a leap forward in terms of quality because the details seem a bit more sophisticated than in the previous year's models. Bburago remains faithful to its main material of zinc die-casting and has colored antennas and chips. Naturally, the changes to the regulations were also implemented correctly, so that the Bburago modellautos are now also wider and flatter than the previous year's. Vettel and Räikkönen in small format are now available under the item numbers 18-16805V and 18-16805R.

The big price of Malaysia from last Sunday went rather unfortunate for the two team-mates from the Scuderia Ferrari and thus did not match the previous season, in which Sebastian Vettel even led the table of the drivers world championship. Gina, so the name of his SF70-H, did an excellent job, which ultimately also led to the fact that the Heppenheimer has extended its term to 2020. But in Malaysia there were unexpectedly serious problems: Vettel did not get up to speed in qualifying and had to start from the last starting position because he got a new drive unit after the training. But he seemed to have worked well, because he drove up to position four in the race and finished with 1: 34,080 with the 41th also the fastest lap. For Kimi Raikkonen was on the way to the starting position Final: The drive unit.

Everything is still open for Gina and Sebastian

With five remaining races, however, there is no preliminary decision in the World Cup. Although Lewis Hamilton leads with 281 points ahead of Vettel with 247 points, but with 125 still to be awarded victory points everything is open. But Ferrari does not have much time, because on 8th October it continues in the Japanese Suzuka. The design of the SF70-H was attributed to Simone Resta; the 70 in the name recalls the 70th birthday of the company Ferrari. The vehicle is powered by a 1.6-liter V6 engine with a turbocharger and a 120-kW electric motor; under the number 062. We do not see much of the drive at the Modellauto, but as far as the chassis and the cockpit is concerned, there is nothing Bburago could have done better.


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[04.10.2017] Breaking News: Special models from Mercedes-Benz in sight



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