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Best insider tip: Mazda6 / Atenza as model car in 1:18 scale

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First-class quality, perfect details - who is not yet a collector, could become one after the contact with the Dorlop models. Addictive!

Mazda6 1:18
Mazda6 1:18 Dorlop
modellautos mazda 6 1:18
Modelcars Mazda6 1:18
Mazda6 1:18 Dorlop

What has been shipped from Asia to the shelves deserves an extra attention, because in the normal case, ordinary mid-class cars will only pay attention to the premium manufacturers of Minichamps, Schuco and Norev if they have a propeller, four rings or a star in the radiator grille be able to show. Mazda has not landed anything from it, but with the license for the production of Modellautos to the type Atenza or Mazda6 to Dorlop, a perfect match. The Mazda6 is called Atenza in Japan, but in its foundations corresponds to the cars, which are offered as Mazda6 worldwide. The label Dorlop has selected the third generation of the four-door model as the model for the three models in the 1:18 format and delivers miniatures at a fair price, with hoods and doors opening all around. Most of all, the view is under the bonnet.

Let's stick to what's under the bonnet: Mazda offers 2.0 and 2.5-liter petrol engines that deliver 107 kW / 145 hp, 121 kW / 165 as well as 141 kW / 192 hp from 4 cylinders. The diesel engines with 4 cylinders also draw their power from 2.2 liters displacement and bring 110 kw / 150 hp and 129 kW / 175 hp on the road. The most powerful petrol version is only available with the six-speed automatic; all other engines have to pay extra for this and have to be switched manually with six gears. The Mazda6 is basically only a front-wheel drive; All-wheel drive is not available. The petrol engines consume from 5.5 liters to 6.3 liters of superbenzin on 100 kilometers; the diesel 3,9 and 4,5 liters on the same measuring track. The Modellautos obviously do not need fuel, do not drive, have the competitors a lot ahead.

Chrome logo on the engine cover: Mega!

The drive set for the models is reproduced down to the smallest detail. Untypical in the large series of this price class is the reproduction of cables and wires. All liquid containers and their closure caps are color-coded. Contours of interior fenders and their coloring. Service stickers can be found as well as a slavically correct reproduction of the interior life of the headlights. The hammer is the chrome-plated Mazda logo on the engine cover. A very big compliment to Dorlop! Mazda has christened its design language in the name of Kodo, and its lines and look at the Atenza / Mazda6 make the model car label perfect. The fit of the four (!) All-opening doors fits. The hoods too.

Very beautifully executed were also the separately put on ironing handles. In the interior of the models available in the colors Rubinrot Metallic, Pur-White and Saphirblau Metallic, the details of the formally harmonious faucet panel have been as knowledgeable as in the engine compartment. The quality of the work also continues in the design of the seat and door trim. Advantageous for German collectors: The models are designed as a left-hand drive, so they fit more closely to our road traffic regulations culture, as miniatures from Asia, which are often handed over to RHD. The attachments like taillights, the replicas of the brakes and wheels - nothing gives rise to criticism. These Modellautos are a real insider tip and should serve other manufacturers as a benchmark. How do you say at Mazda? Zoom zoom!









Here: Click to the Mazda6 in 1:18 in the shop


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