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ck-modelcars and Stefan-Bellof-Shop at the Solitude-Revival

ck-modelcars and Stefan-Bellof-Shop at the Solitude-Revival

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We are there - when these words fall our readers realize that we are back outside. Here: The most important information about the weekend in Stuttgart.

ck-modelcars Solitude
Solitude Revival 2017
ck-modelcars Trailer Solitude 2017
Porsche 908 Solitude Revival
Stefan Bellof an der Solitude

Since 1903, races have been driving in the west of Stuttgart: from the Westbahnhof to Solitude Castle. Starting point and course of the route changed several times up to 1935; The year when the course found its final layout and gave space on a route of 11.4 motorized cars and motorcycling on restricted public streets to exercise their sport. In the meantime - since 1965 - of course long since a case for the history books, it has been the Solitude Revival, which since 2008 has been reminiscent of the great past of the circuit. Stuttgart - was not there something? Sure: the home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche; Brands, who have also written motorsports history and are active in Formula 1, the DTM and the WEC. Both are represented at the Solitude Revival, which takes place from 21 to 23 July.

The Solitude Revival is an event for the demonstration of historic racing and road vehicles on the former Solitudering near Stuttgart, which consists of public roads and is specifically closed for this occasion. With its commitment to the Solitude Revival 2017, Mercedes-Benz is reminiscent of the long and intense relationship between brand and race track. These include, in particular, the appearance of famous racing cars such as the Mercedes-Benz Type S from the year 1927 and the AMG 300 SEL 6.8, also known as the "Rote Sau", which was created from a top-class sedan in 1971 and used in the DTM by Mercedes-AMG Safety-car as a driving vehicle; Driven by Jan Seyffarth as well as another, privately operated "Red sow".

Porsche at the Solitude Revival

The three-day celebration of the Automobile Classic will start on Friday at 2 pm with the presentation of the participating vehicles at the Glemseck. And, of course, Porsche can not be missing either: the Porsche Museum is at the start and brings great sports cars, which are controlled by Rennsport celebrities such as Herbert Linge, Hans Herrmann and Marc Lieb. Linge and Herrmann will each be driving a Porsche 550 Spyder, which in 1954 the Carrera Panamericana denied. Mercedes-Benz was also represented there with Karl Kling; The Panamericana-Grill, which is now at AMG, had its world champions here. But back to Porsche: Eberhard Mahle will lead a 356 B Carrera GT 1960, while Le Mans winner Marc Lieb will be driving the 804 Formula 1 from 1962. Lieb enjoys a home advantage, because the Ludwigsburger is present at every Solitude Revival.

The Porsche 804 Formula 1 race track in the Glemswald between Leonberg and Stuttgart is also not unknown: the 461 kilogram lightweight eight-cylinder single-seater, the only Formula 1 racing car ever developed and built by Porsche, already triumphed in the Grand Prix under Dan Gurney The solitude "; Right in the picture bar. The Porsche Museum also offers other historical models from the company collection for the spectators: Kurt Ahrens will race the 11.7 kilometer circuit through the Mahdental with the 718 Formula 2 1960; Which was used for the first time on the historic racing course. The transaxle experts Günter Steckkönig and Hans Clausecker complete the starter field in the Porsche 928 Trigema 1982.

Solitude Revival: Visiting is worth several times

In addition to the Porsche 962 from 1987, Rudi Lins completes the Porsche range for the Solitude Revival in the 908/3 1970. With its 545 kilograms, the 908/3, which has won three of a total of four work inserts, stands as an extreme form for lightweight construction. Special vehicles based on the 944, Cayenne and 911 are exhibited in the paddock. The Pacecar will be the new cars 911 GT3, Macan GTS and Panamera. With the ticket from the Solitude Revival, the spectators will also receive a 25 percent reduced admission to the Porsche Museum until 31 December 2017. It is therefore worth several times to visit the event, whose day ticket costs 19,00 Euro. Further information on the website And as we mentioned at the outset, we are also looking forward to seeing you at the main entrance!


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