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Porsche 956L 1983 Minichamps special model for ck-model cars

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With the Porsche 956L of John Fitzpatrick Racing the dealers from Asslar and the label from Aachen pull all the stops of modellers-skills in 1:18 scale

Modellauto Porsche 956 Langheck Skoal Bandit 1983 1:18
ck-modelcars Porsche 956 Langheck Skoal Bandit 1983 1:18
Porsche 956 Langheck Skoal Bandit 1983 Maßstab 1:18
Minichamps Modellauto Porsche 956 Langheck Skoal Bandit 1983 1:18

There are moments in the life of a blogger who writes about model cars, this simply take off your shoes. No, that has nothing to do with the hot temperatures  these days, but with the enthusiasm at the subtleties that ck-model cars and Minichamps model of the Porsche 956 long-tail is showing. The  highly detailed model presented here with starting number 16 in scale 1:18 is from 1983 when John Fitzpatrick, Guy Edwards and Rupert Keegan started at the  24 Hours of Le Mans ; the 51st edition of that tratitional race at the Sarthe. The long-tailed  Porsche 956  started in  Group C and ended after  5th place of the overall standings after 358 laps. The first 8 places were taken by Porsche 956 only!

A detailled look at the model car

"Today I leave aside the journalistic style of this blog and am writing to you personally, dear reader. In I-form. Because I like the model cars made from  resine plastic, they represent the respective model most perfectly . When I look at what  the miniature of the Porsche 956 of John Fitzpatrick Racing teams from zinc diecasting and with opening doors and hoods and richness of the outer skin, has to offer, my heart just skips a beat.. I am simply over the moon because of the details around the model of the six-cylinder Boxer engine from the details of the chassis and the high-class equipped interior of this race car. Again and again I can bow before the creators of such model cars , because they are little works of art and not just miniatures! Check out the video of it ! "

But back to objectivity: Finish, proportions and look of the racing car model are top notch. The hoods close perfectly, the paint including the decorations are unique and the work on the drive unit applause worthy. Due to the opening  doors fans of Porsche 956 can get a good impression of the construction of the chassis,  get to know the details of the back-building tube frame and enjoy the full-scale reproduction of the engine, auxiliary systems and chassis technology. The model of the prototype of the Porsche 935 six-cylinder engine features cylinder heads, wiring, oil cooler, transmission and intake system  so detailed that it is a pleasure. Minichamps was generous also in the coloring of various components and  has staged knowledgeable the details of the Porsche  - right up to the red-brown color of the spark plug cap.

Very good detailing of the interior

A good knowledge of the matter is once again proven by  Minichamps  in the design of the cockpit, which shows each indicator, each control element and especially the safety precautions, such as the roll cage prototypically. The team from Aachen deserves special praise  for the reduction of the wheels, while hiding the braking technology, but reflect the car's design as properly as it was at that time. The downsizing of the Goodyear racing are also fun. The steering wheels are steerable by the way, so that the model can also "drive" on the desk. Only 500 copies of this  model held in the colors of chewing tobacco and snuff brand Skoal Bandit are brought by  ck-modelcars under item number 183 836 916 each  129,95 Euro ; a more than  fair price in view of what the exclusive model car   offers there. Conclusion: If this small work of art - created by brilliant experts in their field - does not find the way into your showcase you might miss something really great.


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