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Schuco and the VW buses - the next round

Schuco and the VW buses - the next round

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After the contribution about the novelties from Fürth we remain because of a single detail with the brand and introduce the VW T2a in 1:18.

VW T2a Bus 1:18
Schuco #Volkswagen #Bus #VW T2a 1:18
Modell VW Bus T2a 1:18
model cars VW T2a scale 1:18

Hello, dear friends of the well-made model cars, did you make it well through the weekend? After the most important event for our boss  thisweek, we take a step back in order to sensitize you to a detail of the very special kind: the sliding door of the Modellautos to the VW T2a from Schuco in 1:18 scale. Because what the Fürther with the fully functional door on the wheels have put on the wheels is already the bang. Just as in the example, the sliding mechanism of the side door is built up and gives access to a detailed reconstructed interior. Just take a look at the stirrup that holds the sliding door in the guide and show you what Schuco is doing for a high mold construction effort to please the collectors.

First-class work also in the interior

But, of course, Schuco had time to practice, as we remember that the model cars of the T2 were already in the 1:66 scale in the 1970s, with the side door functioning. The mechanism of that time is, of course, not comparable with that of today: Schuco has actually developed a further development. In terms of detailing, the model car is naturally also in many other places. For example, with the design of the rear walls of the front seat or the side panels, the multi-color and thus absolutely exemplary design of the door retaining loops at the front doors, the nature of the inner bow wall and its design - there are skilled people at the factory at Schuco.

Box wagons and bunk follow

But besides their knowledge, they also bring the attention to detail and implement every little detail, even so insignificant. The trunk and engine compartment flap belong to the opening functional parts, the model car launches the crown. This shows the advantages of the use of Diecast compared to Resine plastic, because with such a model as the T2a and its options, you are busy, right? The prototypical chrome rings around the headlights, the filigree door handles and exterior mirrors, the wheel trim caps and the type-appropriate indicators just above the front bumpers round off the very good impression with their processing quality. For those who have already purchased VW T3 Joker & Co., this T2a is a must have. A collection object with a perspective, for Schuco also announced the delivery of box-wagons and bunk-beds.


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