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Neue Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse jetzt als Modell in 1:18

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Das wichtigste Volumenmodell der Automarke ist ab sofort mit zu öffnenden Türen und perfektem Interieur zu haben.

E-Klasse W 213 1:18
Modellautos Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W 213 Maßstab 1:18
Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W 213
model cars E-Class W 213 scale 1:18
Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W 213 1:18

The E-Class W213 series now appears in the 1:18 scale. Not only in selenite gray, but it is also available in classic obisdian black. The accesssories statigists of the Stuttgart-based car makers put their trust in the  calaboration with the in the model esigners iScale (as you've already read from u s, has emerged from the circle of employees from Kyosho). The model, built in the look of the AMG line, offers a  3-dimensional replicated engine compartment, absolutely harmonius porportions, a great panorama glass roof and trendy accessories. The highlight however is the incrdibly detailed and luxurious interrior, which  can be admirably viewed through the four opening doors and the glass roof. The trunk is also a funtional feture.


The model and detail

Something shined in ours eyes as we looked at the new model car of the E Class. Once again, there are four doors to be opened, unlike the cheaper vewrsion tieh only two opening front doors. The functional parts also offer a perfect fit., nestling its environment of the dycast bodywork.  This applies in particular to the hood, whose transition to the front apirn has to be worked out very carefully, because every overhang  would destroy the look of the model. The trimbars in the grill are just as accuarate as the honeycomb structure of the normally closed grill of the front apirn. The headlights precisely follow the inner workings of the prottype; iScale has exactly matched the porportion and curves of these componenets.


The look of the E Class as a  scale. whole was also perfectly implemented in the 1:18 scale. The look of the model coresponds to exactly that of its prototype. Under the hood, awaits  a tri-colored replica of the driver set with its 3 demensionality. The tail lights are very sharp, having a transparent red color. the beige interrior offers a very nice contrast to the experrior finish (whit ewith the very fine details of faucet panels including the instruments and fan nossels,wood accents and foloring to meet the nighest demands and offer a lot of value for the money of the collectors.) Stellar!


The Best or Nothing--is also true in the model


The replicas of the seats, the interrior cladding and the reduced controls are model building at its finest. Felt-lined floors and well-matched peddles, switched and selecter levers round off the excellent impression of this top of the line model. Here also--the best or nothing! Therefore, we give the E Class W213 from iScale 1:18 scale no less than the best grade of A+. Mercedes Benz and iScale have worked fantastically otgether with the new E Class W213 in this size, bringing a legendary model car to the collectors. It is available under item# B66960379 in gray and item# B66960380 in obsidian black loved by Mercedes customers.



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