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New Special Model: Porsche 962 Camel Brun Motorsport

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Only modelissimo and ck-model cars offer the model car from Norev in the colors of the 24 hour race of Le Mans in 1988 at a scale of 1:18.

Porsche 962 1:18 Brun Camel
Model car Porsche 962 scale 1:18 Brun Camel
Modellauto Camel Porsche 962 Maßstab 1:18

For ck-modelcars a strong weekend comes to an end: Thank you for your visits at the Nürburgring in Ring Boulevard and the rich in tradition Circuit of Goodwood,  where we were able to greet you at the Goodwood Revival. Here, as there, of course, also played a role model cars whose models have their professional career long past and just only allowed to participate in classic car festival out of the box. So a model is the Porsche 962, which is considered as the most successful racing cars in motorsport enthusiasts: developed in 1984 out of the Porsche 956 out - in order to start in the US may needed to be changed the design - succeeded the 962 in its active period from 1984 to 1991 total 54 wins and many championships to win. 90 vehicles have been gone in plant use at the start and delivered to the customer sports.

The development was necessary because of the type 956 did not meet the American rules in two points: The Motorsport Authority IMSA demanded for security reasons that the pedal is mounted behind the front axle in order to reduce the well-known from Formula 1 injury in a crash; fulfilled by laying the pedals before the front axle. Furthermore, had to limit costs of water-cooled twin-turbo engine of the 956 is replaced by the tried and true from the Porsche 935-derived air-cooled single-turbocharger. Norev records the details of the outer skin - doors and hoods of made of zinc die-cast model cars remain closed - prototypically by and take the appearance of the model perfectly.

Steering break in Norway by Walter Lechner

It has been used by a customer team that has contributed great achievements to legends of the Prototype Sports: The Walter Brun, to which we have summarized the key data already in the blog article of 25 August 2016 the you can use the link embedded here. The model car the Porsche 962 is characterized by the state of the 24-hour race at Le Mans in 1988, the team denied Camel Brun Motorsport with drivers Manuel Reuter, Walter Lechner and Franz Hunkeler. The team did not finish the race because of a steering break in the Mulsanne and was considered at the 41st place. The attractiveness of this exclusive special model does not diminish; it is limited to only 1,000 copies and includes the appropriate decals. Winner of the 24 Hours were then the driver Lammers, Dumfries and Wallace on the Silk Cut Jaguar.


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