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Build cars instead of collecting cars - Lego Technic

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back in the youth or just something different: motorsport kits of Lego provide an opportunity to share model making with the kids.

Lego Porsche
McLaren P1 Lego
Porsche Lego

Before we dismiss you into this well-deserved weekend, we have a very different proposal about model car: Instead of having a finished car in the cabinet, you could build the car Simply by yourself. Even if its not a call to be unfaithful to  our full-scale, high-quality manufactured car models, it may still be a nice change to produce a model itself. Many of you probably know from your youth, when it was much more natural than it is today, a kit to buy the dream car and this then be placed on the wheels. This, however, among other reasons, because it has not given the abundance of model cars as we know them today 20 or 40 years ago. With the Lego kits that we imagine today, it celebrates some extent comeback.

Basically collecting car models is indeed usually a pretty lonely affair: The collector buys and enjoys it. But in an age in which the sharing of experiences has become normal everyday on Facebook and on Twitter, the father would perhaps also be able to share the theme model car with his kids. Lego has found a great way: On the one hand the theme Motorsport is often cause of fathers, on the other hand, the kids enjoy the colorful parts which makes assemble fun. For example with the kit Speed ??Champions showing the Le Mans-winning Porsche 919 hybrid and Porsche 917 K together in a box. The fact that the cars are not to scale reductions, is to get over.

Even sports cars in the program

For the colorful appearance also still enjoy. There are not just shaped Lego bricks containing the kit, but so that compatible parts, giving the impression of high-tech. What certainly one reason for this is that Porsche will award the licenses for this toy. The finish of a Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid and a 911 GT3 RSR can also adjust how the pit stop of a McLaren-Mercedes MP4-29 from 2014. In addition to the cars, many components to the box are included in the sets. However fans of sports cars such as the Audi R8 LMS or the McLaren P1, the Corvette Z06 or the Ford Mustang GT with blue stripes will find it. So our tip: Enriches Your passion for collecting to a few hours of fun with the kids or friends and therefore enjoys a piece of your recurring youth. And have a fine weekend! See you next week at the same place again.


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