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#throwbackthursday with the VW Beetle 1303 World Cup '74

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42 years ago, the time of the Wolfsburg crawlies was coming to an end. We look back with the model car from Solido to the soccer world cup in 1:18 scale.

VW Käfer 1303 S 1:18
VW Käfer 1303
Model car VW Käfer 1303 S World Cup 74 scale 1:18

To win the football World Cup in their own country - a dream of Germans, that was fulfilled in the year 1974. for this occasion Volkswagen brought the great 1303 Beetle as special edition World Cup '74, in wich Solido reminisct with a 1303 in 1:18 scale. For our younger model car friends who no longer have the basics of this beetle on the screen: The 1303 is based on the mid-1970s featured VW 1302 was a longer by 70 mm front car unlike any other, produced since 1938 beetles in one new front suspension with MacPherson struts, wishbones and stabilizer was incorporated. By using this modern chassis not only improves driveability, but also the front luggage compartment could be considerably increased: The spare wheel was no longer diagonally forward under the hood, but was below the luggage compartment under a cover.

Already 1972 revised Volkswagen optics and brought to 1302 in 1303 with a highly curved windshield that let appear as a unified whole, the design of the Beetle now. Prototypically are the indicators of our model is not in the bumper because this was only in the last year of the 1303, 1975. The large, elephant feet mentioned taillights but all wore beetle of this type. From Solido reduced special edition World Cup '74 created a total of 300 pieces in the colors Cliff Green, Rally Yellow, Bright Orange and Senegalrot. The trunk and the hood were black. On the side, a decorative stripe with the words World Cup was '74 mounted, designed the shift knob as football. These details Solido has beautifully translated into the size 1:18. The appearance can be considered entirely satisfactory. The doors are open; Bonnet and boot lid remain unfortunately closed.

A beautiful keepsake

Very successful the look of the dashboard and the seats and the hood with their four vents for the engine of the VW 1303 S, the 37 kW / developed at the time of its nearly 1.6 liters 50 HP. He generated 106 Newton meters (Nm) maximum torque, bringing the beetle to 135 kilometers per hour speed limit. 20 seconds elapsed to accelerate from zero to 100th Yes, in those times it was a little quiet. But what certainly did not apply at the celebration of the World Cup to their victory, the players also each a special edition of 1303 were given: As Cabriolet but not as a sedan. The Georg Schwarzenbeck are in the video.


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