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Aston Martin Rapide S - like Panamera, just more beautiful

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AutoArt presented a high-class miniature 1:18 scale with the model of the four-door sports coupe to update / the Update in Video

Aston Martin Rapide S 1:18
Modellauto Aston Martin Rapide S Maßstab 1:18
model car Aston Martin Rapide S scale 1:18
Modell Aston Martin Rapide S 1:18
AutoArt Aston Martin Rapide S 1:18

If there was ever a competition about who would build the most beautiful four-door coupe hatchback in the top luxury, then would be the Aston Martin Rapide would cross the finish line as the winner. Already in 2009, when the vehicle was presented, the four-door model was more beautiful than the pot-bellied counterpart from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. No, we do not mean to discredit the Panamera, because the type 970, we would like from the first moment. Rather its now-presented successor drops because he looks quite arbitrary in design as the original model. The Aston Martin Rapide gets still no successor, but has been optimized in 2015 under the sheet metal. From this very facelift tells the model car that competes in the color Stratos White to one of the places in your collector's display case and is manufactured by AutoArt.

AutoArt builds excellent model car and is the also the Aston Martin Rapide S 1:18. Shape and appearance coincide perfectly with the design of the model; the fit of the four opening doors overwhelmed even tough critics. Main material for the model is die-cast zinc. But bonnet and tailgate are designed as functional parts. Under the bonnet of the collector discovered a Beautiful downsizing of the driving source of such types DB9 and V12 Vanquish based their common VH platform Rapide S. Opposite the DB9 the wheelbase was however stretched by 30 centimeters, the space for the doors to the rear and to make room for full rear seats. the driver Put them in order with the help of electrical engineering, the luggage compartment offers 750 liters of volume.

Facelift with new V12

But back to the engine: the mounted crafted V12 fans know also from the Aston Martin DB9. After facelift for model 2015 he specifies 411 kW / 511 hp to a new eight-speed automatic. Aston Martin revised the driveshaft and provides a recalibration of the adaptive damping system from. 2015 was both the Rapide S and in the Vantage models the new infotainment system AMI II, the Infotainment System AMI built in 2016 III. The most important distinguishing feature of the Rapide S against the Rapide is the larger grille. The miniture AutoArt is to have under item no 70,256th The detail that we love the most, is the perfect replica of trim at the rear end of the rear doors, at the finish of this 224.95 euros model is best seen.


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