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Model car properly staged - Showcases in 1:18

Model car properly staged - Showcases in 1:18

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Not simply parked side by side, but staged in illuminated display makes viewing the quality thumbnails fun.

Beleuchtete Vitrine Maßstab 1:18
Vitrine 1:18 ohne Modellauto
show case for modelcars scale 1:18

There are 4 ways to collect model cars: to leave it in its original box, to put them in a large shelf next to each other, to present them in the showcase already supplied or to position them in a self-made diorama. For this, the opinion of the blogger. Solution # 1 is not a solution, # 2 is probably widespread and quite in order, No. 3 is a highlight and Option No. 4 the premier class.... But not everyone - not even the bloggers - is it possible to build a small workshop or a showroom, in the model cars authentically real environment can be collected. Therefore idea no. 3 appears to be the best and also the easiest to be implemented in response to the question of how a model car can be most impressively staged.

Models in the spotlight

In our shop currently takes 2 variants of cabinets with lighting that made it high in itself. Once there is the transparent display cases made of high quality plastic 1:18 scale with sturdy socks with fixed, once with flexible LED lighting. Since then it makes a lot of fun to throw from the work at the desk or on the couch from a look at the models. The display cases are best suited for the cars in 1:18 scale and measure the length of about 35.5 centimeters in width 15.6 centimeters and their 16.0 in height. The need for power supply Micro USB cable or the batteries are not included. Both display types - please note the differences to the lamp heads - each cost 19.95 euros. Our tip: garage's highlight or 3 shorter, juxtaposed models in scale 1:43.


We wish you a good start to the week! Next weekend starts at Hockenheim DTM 2016: As of Friday, 06 May, we are with our ck-modelcars trailer between grandstands North A and North to find B with the trailer, bringing the latest model car about DTM as well as many Specials this with and look forward to seeing you!


[03.05.2016] Minichamps builds the Williams FW37 2015 in scale 1:18

[29.04.2016] Jadatoys remmebers Paul Walker's Supras in 1:18



ck-modelcars se présente et souhaite vous montrer un peu ce qui se passe „derrière les coulisses“.



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