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New Mercedes-Benz SL now in 1:43

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Not Norev or Minichamps but Spark delivers the first advertising model to facelift the R 231. Series We look at the prototype and model car.

Mercedes-Benz SL neu Modellauto 1:43
Mercedes-Benz SL MOPF 2016 R 231
Mercedes-Benz SL Modellauto 1:43
Modell Mercedes-Benz SL neu Maßstab 1:43
Modellauto Mercedes-Benz SL neu Maßstab 1:43

The Mercedes-Benz SL is friends of the brand with the star since 1952 a term: the year in which a racing car celebrated its debut on the routes of the world, The 1954 300 SL, should write, with winged doors, automotive history. The side vent gills on the fenders can be found even today in the sports car manufacturer again, the latest edition of the SL - the SL series R 231 - presented at last year's Los Angeles Motor Show in November; thus the gaffe balancing, which the designer had done the original model: Opposing lines of headlights and grill made for a grobstolliges, inharmonious appearance. The ironed the makers of the SL with the now 1:43 appearing facelift again.

The SL is beautiful again: SL Year 2016

Facelifts are now very discreet interventions in the appearance of a car. The German premium manufacturers are currently a bead here or there more, a revised layout, the lamps or tail lamps in the interior - without changing the outline - and usually a lot of improvements in the field of infotainment. A true optical revision is almost impossible to register. This has a tangible advantage: the previous acts not old and can be in the used car sales more marketable. Even and especially for the carmaker interesting, the need to bring the returns from leasing contracts to the man. So it is all the more apparent in when a manufacturer correctly attaches the scissors and a front seriously revised - as the SL happen.

The lateral lines of headlights and Sports Grill are now parallel to each other and not in opposite directions, which was more quiet at the front; the rape of the lines at the bow is a thing of the past. But the bubble butt remained, which, while still to get over what the predecessors but better could, although the R 230 had to accommodate an electric folding roof in the trunk. The new SL still appears as a unified whole, has a flatter, wider appearance, citing the grille of the new Mercedes-AMG GT3: From April 2016 is the new Mercedes-Benz SL optimized technically and visually available. The soft top opens and closes electrically up to 40 kilometers per hour.

The SL looked under the hood

Under the hood, builds the manufacturer of a 4 deliverable motors: The SL 400 starts with the V6 engine with 2,996 cc displacement and 270 kW / 367 PS; just 4.9 seconds, the Roadster needs as from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. The V8 in the SL 500 and its 335 kW / 455 hp from 4,663 cubic there are only 4.3 seconds. The Mercedes-Benz SL 63 brings out 5,461 cubic 430 kW / 585 hp and accelerates the car in 4.1 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour, what the SL 65 with the V12 instead of V8 with 4.0 seconds remaining better can. The top model makes 463 kW / 630 hp; the top speed is electronically limited at all SL with 250th The automatic transmission 9G-tronic is standard; Dynamic Select is available with a 5-modes, Active Body Control and curve tilting function.

The model of the SL 1:43

Yes, yes, we know: Yet another article on Mercedes-Benz. But there is currently doing up a lot, both on the road, the race track as well as in the model car. The brand is currently shared really good, so our feeling. The model car Spark is made from resin-plastic and comes in the typical for brand advertising package to the accessory shops in the branches as to select retailers as just ck-model cars. Anmutungen and proportions of the painted in the new color and brilliant blue in tenorite metallic models fit well; in the interior there is nothing to complain, because the variety of detail distinguishes the look of the interior of the model by quite well. The overall impression is also well taken.

Good grade for the model Spark

It is very nice that the ladies and gentlemen of Spark have the model available for 37,95 Euro settled a roof part, with the collector can adjust the closed SL. So it makes sense to buy directly both models. However: Finish of lines at the rear and the connection of the interior trim on the trunk lid to fit the gray model better than the blue SL. We therefore find the model with a 2-rated good fit and look forward to more colors.

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