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MG EX 181 from 1957 - Stirling Moss' world record car

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The young label CMR has replicated another record car in 1:18 scale. We tell backgrounds to the prototype and have a great movies also.

MG EX181 Land Speed Record Car 1959 1:18
Model car MG EX181 Land Speed Record Car 1959 1:18
CMR MG EX181 Land Speed Record Car 1959 1:18

With the Mercedes-Benz W125 streamlines record car the fledgling career of the model car Labels CMR began. For showered as for the following 3 models with praise follows the MG EX 181 of the latest strike - again a record car. The prototype took to the British racing driver Sir Stirling Moss in 1957 the speed record on the Bonneville Salt Lake in Utah American. CMR really feel remarkable gaps in the provision of classic model cars; Compliment already for it. But what was the MG EX 181, which we have to deal with it? With the EX 181 of the sports car manufacturer wanted to get the record for the fastest 1.5 liter car in the world to Abingdon / Oxfordshire. MG experienced at that time the best years, had success with the sports car MGTF and small sedans.

Main Image carrier was the middle of the 1950s presented MGA, which even made it into films with Elvis Presley and Angela Lansbury and brought the brand in the important US market forward. Hence the suggestion to ensure, by a speed record on the salt lake in Utah for attention - Marketing precisely. The car was built in England, then shipped to the Queen Mary in the USA. All this can be seen in a truly beautiful reportage that we have embedded at the top of this article. the MG EX 181 was powered by a twin carburettor four cylinder supercharged, who developed 205 kW / 280 hp at 7,000 rpm. With Captain George Eyston got a speed record 27 years before an MG in Utah; Eyston was 1957 Registered.

MG did it again. CMR, too.

And was pleased with, as Sir Stirling Moss with the EX 181 5 world records broke and reached converted 379.31 kilometers per hour. So can understand you that CMR wanted to put this car a monument. Unfortunately, the MG brand has disappeared after many changes of ownership into insignificance, but the more we are pleased that the MG EX 181 reminds one to quality presenting model of the golden years of the sports car manufacturer. Doors and hoods are inherently not open in the running in the 1:18 scale model, but the finish of the surface and the harmonious feel of the design make up for it. Accordingly, we congratulate the young team of CMR on this successful testimony of automotive history.


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[24.03.2016] BREAKING NEWS: Audi R8 is World Performance Car 2016



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