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Minichamps powered with the Brabus 850 E63

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More power under the hood isn't possible : Brabus only lets its vehicles shrink exclusively from the people of Aachen. Newest model is an E-Class 1:43.

Brabus 850 E 63 1:43
Brabus 850 E 63
model car Brabus 850 E 63 scale 1:43
Brabus 850 E 63 W 212
Modellauto Brabus 850 E 63 1:43

No, we'll have to wait for the new E-class, because the model of the 850 E 63 is still based on the W 212. Minichamps has set a monument with the model in 1:43 scale deliverable under article number 437 034 100 one of the most powerful E-Class of the present. Which will preserve the memory of the power package from Bottrop to the base for a long time leaking. The partners have decided with 600 copies for a strict limitation of the model, it can be more appealing to collectors. It is - as usual small series - produced resine plastic and painted in metallic red. Incidentally, the color really is so; so spectacular the car model, the less visionary naming the painting - at last!

The prototype in brief overview

A Brabus 850 based on the Mercedes-AMG E 63 is produced as its consolidated brothers on the exact same, brutal manner: The engine of the train cars comes out and is replaced by an in-house development of Brabus. All ancillaries, the exhaust system and the engine management system to be reviewed. So then comes the tremendous torque to conditions that drives the car: Fabled 1,450 Newton meters (Nm) are the ones that could bring to the streets of the engine, but the maximum torque is reduced to 1.150 Nm to relieve the vehicle technology. The 625 kW / 850 hp accelerate the model for model with two-wheel drive in 3.7 seconds, with all-wheel drive in 3.1 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. The top speed 350 kilometers per hour.

The model in check

According adapted the buyer receives and wheels and chassis; the price of 850 E 63 starts at 300,000 euros. As the model for 74.95 euros is a real bargain, especially because of the small numbers appreciation can be expected. Almost without limitation well is the finish of the model that the feel of the design of the model fits exactly in the proportions and lines. Exception: The door handles act clunky, not the model accordingly. This can Minichamps better. As 1:43 customary doors and hoods of the model remain closed. The the material carbon modeled front apron transmits the fascination of the model perfectly to the model. The inside of the headlights and the breathtaking replica of the alloy wheels are great.

Interior and marks

The interior features all the features of the 850 by; Instruments and instrument panel as seats look real cool. The way how the mold developers in Aachen have implemented the steering wheel in this but difficult for many-to-get details in the handle scale is inspiring; just the multicolored replica of the steering wheel makes as many pluses. Picture perfect from our point of view is not only the harmonious design of the trunk lid and rear financial statements and taillights, but also playing the brand lettering and the diffuser; turn in carbon appearance. Each model wears a badge with its production number on the base. The bottom line is noted that the Brabus 850 E 63 1:43 a must for the showcase of each sports car and Mercedes-fans. Our score for the model: a. 2


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