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Twice and affordable: The Ferrari SF1000 2020 in 1:43 by Bburago

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Driven out of the pocket money class - but still inexpensive - the modelcars for the Scuderia anniversary race in Tuscany made of robust diecast

automodelli Ferrari SF1000 2020 Vettel 1:18 Bburago
Ferrari SF1000 2020, copyright Foto: Ferrari S.p.A.
modelcars Ferrari SF1000 2020 Leclerc 1:18 Bburago
Feierlichkeiten mit Ferrari SF1000 2020, copyright Foto: Ferrari S.p.A.
diecast miniatures Ferrari SF1000 2020 Vettel 1:18 Bburago

With the article from February 11th, 2021, the team from has presented the dear readers the two inexpensive, surprisingly special painted modelcars to last year's Ferrari SF1000 of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in scale 1:43 by Bburago. The surprise: miniatures in special paintwork are usually not part of the Italian portfolio, but are more the domain of LookSmart, BBR Models or Spark. Now Bburago is stepping up and presenting the models that display the special make-up of the Ferrari SF1000 for the Tuscan Grand Prix, in format 1:18; also from diecast. Their darker shade of red on the occasion of the 1,000 Grand Prix in the history of the Scuderia is reminiscent of the great days of Ferrari Formula 1 in the 1950s. A look back in the model: The second edition of the SF1000 from Bburago.

Bburago matched exactly the color of the role models of the two SF1000 and showed the urge to perfection when reducing the remaining details: The design of the starting numbers is also reminiscent of the time of Alberto Ascari and Juan-Manuel Fangio. The number 1000 lights up in yellow on the cover of the drive set; on the prototypes as well as on the modelcars. Of course, add-on parts such as the front spoiler, underbody and splinters appear a bit coarser on these miniatures than on the much more expensive competitors such as LookSmart, but the overall package is still convincing: These car models look less toy-like than previous models. The fact that the overall impression is correct meets expectations. The models have the item numbers 18-16808#5 with the starting number 5 for Sebastian Vettel and the 16 for Charles Leclerc, listed under 18-16808#16.

The Grand Prix of Tuscany took place at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello in the Italian local authority Scarperia e San Piero and extended a distance of 59 laps à 5.245 kilometers, thus a total distance of 309.455 kilometers. Leclerc finished qualifying in 5th place; Vettel on grid position 14. Not a really nice place for the anniversary. In the same order, but in position 8 and 10, the two stars left Tuscany after the race. The brilliant winner was once again Lewis Hamilton. From the point of view of, the winners definitely include those collectors who secure one of these beautiful, robust models. Maybe not even for yourself, but for the offspring. However: They remain unique miniatures, because a 1,000 race will never come again!

Click here to the Ferrari SF1000 from Bburago


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