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Proper opportunity: Set to the topic Le Mans 66 now available

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With high quality modelcars to the Ford GT40 in format 1:18, combined with a magnificent illustrated book, the fans have now the chance diving deep into the history at an affordable price

Le Mans 66 collectors set 1:18
diecast miniatures Le Mans 66 collectors set 1:18
modelcars Le Mans 66 collectors set 1:18
Modellautos Le Mans 66 collectors set 1:18
Le Mans 66 collectors set 1:18
automodelli Le Mans 66 collectors set 1:18

With the miniatures of the Ford GT40 Mk. II with starting numbers 1 and 2, Shelby Collectibles looks back to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 in a superbly crafted quality. The scale 1:18 models are made from diecast. Their role models were not only heroes of the racetrack, but also the leading automobile actors in the movie "Le Mans 66 - Ford v Ferrari", which focuses on the competition between the two car manufacturers Ford and Ferrari at the 34th Grand Prix d’Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans on the Circuit des 24 Heures from June 18th-19th, 1966. In order to be able to really experience this century event of motorsport up close again, the team from recommends the purchase of this uniquely priced, tightly calculated set including a splendid illustrated book.

The set is available under item number CK67119 and includes the two most important miniatures of the competition at the time. According to the history and the movie, Shelby Collectibles designed the line-up of the modelcars: racing driver Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at the wheel of starting number 2 achieved the overall victory for the Shelby American Inc. team at the time. Ken Miles and Dennis Hulme took second place with the No. 1. The potential of the 7.0 liter V8 was confirmed in the way Henry Ford II had wished: to beat Ferrari on the doorstep in Europe. The miniatures offer a perfection that almost gives the impression that Carroll Shelby personally laid his hand on these high-end models with four functional parts. The engine was hit perfectly right down to the deepest corner: a real declaration of love for both motorsport and model making.

The fact that the car with No. 1 and Ken Miles at the wheel should actually have won after a long tour is covered in detail in the German-language illustrated book by Preston Lerner and Dave Friedman on 232 pages with approx. 420 illustrations. This in the format 24.8 x 30.5 centimeters and wrapped in a hardcover with a dust jacket. The modelcars in the set not only offer the collectors an absolutely harmonious appearance, the lines of which correspond exactly to the models, but also a true-to-original cockpit replica, steerable front wheels, the hoods that can be opened at the front and rear and doors that can be opened. The “LeMans 66 Collector's Set” can therefore be recommended without reservation and, as mentioned at the beginning, brings back the feeling of what is perhaps the most famous race and at a one-off price.

Here: Click to the "LeMas 66 Collector's Set"


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