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Addendum by Solido: The new releases 2021

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The French have announced an update on the overview of the their new products fro 2021. The details at a glance

Ford  GT40 No. 6 winner Le Mans 1969 1:18 Solido
Logo Spielwarenmesse 2021
modelcars Ford  GT40 No. 6 winner Le Mans 1969 1:18 Solido
diecast miniatures Ford  GT40 No. 6 winner Le Mans 1969 1:18 Solido
Porsche 956 winner 24h Le Mans 1982 1:18 Solido
diecast miniatures Porsche 956 winner 24h Le Mans 1982 1:18 Solido

The toy fair had not taken place as trade fair accessible to specialist retailers this year, but existed as "digital product review". The actual event with the meeting of industry participants should take place from July 20th to 24th, 2021, however, given the prognosis for the end of tough lockdowns and government fears about the easing, that seems wishful thinking. For fans of modelcars, the toy fair is only interesting because the new products are published as part of it, but - as this article shows - this can also be done online. For the end consumer, the toy fair is irrelevant because it is not accessible. The editors of this blog are pleased to be able to present you the Solido update at this point. Front: The item numbers of the miniatures. 

S1801310 1:18 Renault 5 Turbo red No. 2
S1801006 1:18 Mercedes-Benz EVO 2 white No. 10
S1803103 1:18 Mercedes-Benz CLA C118 AMG white
S1805203 1:18 Mercedes-Benz GLA H247 AMG blue
S1803203 1:18 Mercedes-Benz GLB X247 AMG red
S1802805 1:18 Porsche 356A yellow
S1805903 1:18 Ford Mustang Shelby red
S1805904 1:18 Ford Mustang Shelby white
S1804003 1:18 Renault Twingo orange
S1801708 1:18 Peugeot 205 GTI blue

S1801204 1:18 Alpine A310 orange
S1802704 1:18 Manx Meyers Buggy red
S1805703 1:18 Dodge Challenger orange
S1805704 1:18 Dodge Challenger green
S1803903 1:18 BMW M3 Lightweight white
S1803004 1:18 Ford GT40 green Racing
S1801311 1:18 Renault 5 Turbo No. 9
S1804814 1:18 Citoen HY Service Berliet yellow
S1806002 1:18 Fiat 131 Abarth red
S1806001 1:18 Fiat 131 Abarth No. 10 white / blue

S1801005 1:18 Mercedes-Benz 190E silver
S1802603 1:18 Porsche 911 3.2 green
S1801607 1:18 Alpine A110 # 11 blue
S1805502 1:18 Porsche 956 No. 7 yellow
S1806701 1:18 VW T1 platform orange / white
S1806702 1:18 VW T1 flatbed / tarpaulin blue
S1804604 1:18 Dacia Duster blue
S1805403 1:18 Porsche 935 MobyDick No. 70 red
S1803703 1:18 Renault R17 No.12 blue
S1804103 1:18 McLaren F1 GTR No. 39 white

S1805803 1:18 Nissan GTR R35 orange
S1805804 1:18 Nissan GTR R35 green
S1801509 1:18 BMW E30 M3 Coupé blue
S1802306 1:18 Alfa Romeo GTV6 red No. 23
S1802804 1:18 Porsche 356 James Dean red
S1805503 1:18 Porsche 956 blue / red No. 8
S1806201 1:18 Peugeot 205 convertible red
S1806202 1:18 Peugeot 205 convertible white
S1803504 1:18 VW Caddy 935 TRIBUTE white
S1801508 1:18 BMW E30 M3 black No. 31

S1805602 1:18 Porsche 936 white No. 11
S1804201 1:18 Alpine A110 16005 blue
S1804202 1:18 Alpine A110 16005 blue No. 88
S1801407 1:18 Fiat 500 TAXI NYC yellow
S1802205 1:18 Renault R4L4 Agrigulture
S1801608 1:18 Alpine A110 white No. 30 

The modelcars shown with the adjacent pictures of the Ford GT40 Mk. I and the Porsche 956 are already available, but they still count to the novelties in the program. That the French have decided to replicate these legends of the motorsport in scale 1:18 - and this even with openable doors as well as at a great price - is well received by collectors.

Here: Click to the current novelties from Solido


[11.02.2021] Unique and affordable: The Ferrari SF1000 2020 in 1:43

[09.02.2021] Preiswerte Champions II: Ixo und der Porsche 911 RSR in 1:43



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