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McLaren Senna GTR - now also for the showcase

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With the top version of the super sports car, Spark presents strong modelcars in scale 1:43

McLaren Senna GTR 1:43 Spark
McLaren Senna GTR, copyright Foto: McLaren Automotive Ltd.
modelcars McLaren Senna GTR 1:43 Spark
McLaren Senna GTR, copyright Foto: McLaren Automotive Ltd.
miniatures McLaren Senna GTR 1:43 Spark

75 were launched, 75 pieces are already sold out: This is the balance sheet of the super sports car of the internally called Ultimate Series from McLaren Automotive Ltd, presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018; the car manufacturer whose name belongs to Formula 1 like butter to bread. Thanks to the company Spark, however, the quantities of the Senna GTR are far less limited: at least in scale 1:43, in which the modelcars for this prototype were released under item number S5059. The miniatures are made of high quality polyurethane cast resin; just as high-tech as the 75 models mentioned at the beginning. The models correspond to the last detail of the super sports car that is not approved for the road. Huge spoilers, carbon on the surfaces, meticulously reproduced interior: all inclusive!

The McLaren Senna is considered as the incomparable racing machine with street legalization. In the brand new McLaren Senna GTR, the philosophy behind this icon is now being developed further - to the extreme. Freed from any restrictions imposed by road traffic or motorsport rules, this vehicle truly goes to the limit. Lighter. More powerful. Absolute performance exclusively for the racetrack. In one word: huge! The McLaren Senna GTR continues the tradition of the GTR versions of McLaren and is the fastest McLaren on the racetrack apart from the Formula 1 cars. The biturbo eight-cylinder develops 606 kW / 825 hp from its 4.0 liter displacement, which, with a dry weight of 1,188 kilograms, results in a power-to-weight ratio of 694 hp per ton. The V8 develops a maximum torque of 800 Newton meters (Nm).

Unfortunately - as is usual in this format - the modelcars do not have hoods that can be opened: We see nothing of the marvel of the engine. Most of this also applies to the chassis, which the Senna GTR took over from the GT3 version. Compared to the study from 2018, the front splitter and the rear diffuser have been redesigned and reduced in size in relation to the components of the GTR concept in order to optimize performance and meet the required performance standards. Spark reproduces these changes on the model, which perfectly matches the lines in all areas. The heart of the McLaren Senna GTR is a Monocage III-R central structure, a carbon fiber safety box with an integrated roll cage and unique, integrated belt attachment points. Wouldn't be bad with the model either, it gets our heartbeat racing!

Click here to the 1:43 modelcars by Spark


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