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Winner type: Mercedes-AMG GT R wins at the readers's election 2020

Winner type: Mercedes-AMG GT R wins at the readers's election 2020

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The miniatures of the Safety Car of the season 2018 in the Formula 1 in scale 1:43 was elected to the model vehicle of the year

Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car Formel 1 2018 1:43
Sieger Modell Fahrzeug 2018: diecast miniatures Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car Formel 1 2018 1:43
diecast miniatures Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car Formel 1 2018 1:43
Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car Formel 1 2018, copyright Foto: Daimler AG

Another winner type: The modelcars of the Mercedes-AMG GT R in the version, of which the role model was used as Safety Car in the Formula 1 2018, have won the readers' choice of the magazine model vehicle in the category E "Collecting large series 1:43". The miniatures from PremiumX made for CMR, produced from diecast are exclusivley available at modelissimo and under the item number SP43005CMR. Reason for the editors of this blog to take another thorough look at the role model of this winner, which is only one of the four modelcars with which CMR was able to win the readers' choice of the model vehicle 2020 - own spelling MODEL FAHRZEUG (Model vehicle) - outstandingly. Yesterday the Commer TS3 from Ecurie Ecosse in format 1:18 was the topic of the blog; today it's the winner with the star on the hood.

Ideal for a race is, when there is no reason for the use of the Safety Car, but if the drivers overdo it with ovetaking maneuvers and the carbon parts just fly over the track or when bad weather conditions make use necessary, then it is essential that Bernd Mayländer moves out to bring the field together so that the track can be cleaned up or the field can be compressed. Mayländer has been driving the Safety Car since 2000 and has completed about 700 laps until the mid of the season 2018 on several cars. The Mercedes-AMG GT R, with its 430 kW / 585 hp and a top speed of 318 kilometers per hour, is considered the most powerful Official FIA F1 Safety Car of all time in 2018. Data that inspires: What could be more obvious than building models for this automotive highlight?

The proportions and appearance are convincing from every angle; the mighty front apron and the impressive diffuser have been implemented in the model with great attention to detail. The fitting of the headlights and taillights is perfect. The shape of the fixed rear spoiler exactly matches that of the prototype; just like the most important feature of a safety car, namely the signal system on the roof. The replicas of the light alloy rims complete the good impression that the excellently crafted model arouses in the collector even after viewing the interior corresponding to the prototype. The FIA Formula 1 World Championship logos are also printed with excellent craftsmanship. Conclusion: These models are really proper winners! When do you park in your showcase?

Here: Click to the modelcars of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Safety Car 2018


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