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Electric cars as model: The Citroën Ami 2021 from Norev

Electric cars as model: The Citroën Ami 2021 from Norev

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They are to be found more and more frequently in road traffic, now also reinforced in the showcases of the collectors: New miniatures after their role models with electric drive plant

Citroën Ami 100 my ami orange 2021 1:43 Norev
Citroën Ami 100 2021, copyright Fotos: Citroën Kommunikation
diecast miniatures Citroën AMi 100 2021 1:43 Norev
Citroën Ami 100 2021, copyright Fotos: Citroën Kommunikation
Citroën Ami 100 2021 my ami blau 1:43 Norev
Citroën Ami 100 2021,copyright Fotos: Citroën Kommunikation

Vehicles with an electric drive plant are showing increasing interest with the drivers. So there is the logical consequence that also the modelcars to this come more into focus of the collectors. For this topic, Norev has reduced two brand new models in different versions of the latest design to the scale 1:43: On the one hand the Citroën e-C4 2020, which is attracting customers in the Golf segment, and on the other hand the Ami small car, which Groupe PSA considers contemporary Answer to current mobility expectations: 100% electrically powered. The 2.41 meter long vehicle offers space for two people in a closed, bright and all-round protected interior. In addition, the Ami is characterized by a symmetrical design, compact dimensions and numerous options for customization: Available from Norev in two versions in 1:43.

The approximately six centimeters short diecast modelcars are likely to be the smallest miniatures on this scale that have ever been featured on this blog. In terms of finish, the models are in no way inferior to their larger colleagues: Norev did not only met exactly the appearance of the lines, but also implemented all the details from headlights to door openers inside with knowledgeable and lavishly printed designs. The exterior mirrors and glass roof, the rims and the color-contrasting elements in the interior demonstrate the same high standard in the production of the model as with every other model from Vaulx-en-Vaulin. The color details refer to the decorative stripes and rims: The modelcars are available in my ami blue under item number 151521, and in my ami orange under 151520: top marks for the shape and finish of the miniatures. But now to the role model.

In Germany, everyone who at least has the drivers license class AM, is able to drive the Citroën Ami. Thus it offers young people from the age of 15 a mobility alternative to public transport or two-wheelers. With a range of up to 75 kilometers and a top speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour, the Ami is purely a city car. A normal household socket charges the battery with its 5.5 kWh in three hours. With specially designed 14-inch wheels and the extremely compact dimensions - an Ami is 1.39 meters wide and 1.52 meters high - as well as the automatic transmission and a turning circle of just 7.20 meters, the light four-wheeled vehicle simplifies driving and parking in the narrow metropolises such as Berlin, where the photos were taken.

The customer should discover, configure and order the vehicle via an online-tool with just a few clicks. The Ami is offered for leasing or purchase. In France, the Ami is available from a monthly leasing rate of 19.99 euros. Prospective buyers can purchase the Ami in France from EUR 6,000.00 including VAT; in Germany, the Citroën Ami will roll into dealerships at the end of the first quarter of 2021. The editors of this blog suspect that the American will prevail primarily as a vehicle in car sharing, because this car offers a flexibility that is second to none, especially in the city. As a modelcar, the Ami belongs to every collection based on contemporary models, to those of Citroën fans anyway and perhaps to completely new collections: Become a pioneer, collect miniatures of electric cars!

Here: Click to the Citroën Ami in 1:43


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