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New from GT-Spiritmodels: The Ferrari 288 GTO from 1984

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With modelcars in scale 1:18, the label remembers the first super sports car from Maranello.

Ferrari 288 GTO 1984 1:18
modellautos Ferrari 288 GTO 1984 1:18
Ferrari 288 GTO 1984, copyright Foto: Maurizio Cefariello
miniatures Ferrari 288 GTO 1984 1:18

With the choice of name Ferrari 288 GTO for its sports car presented in Geneva in 1984, the Italian sports car manufacturer originally wanted to build on the 250 GTO from 1962. For its part, the French label GT Spiritmodels is commemorating the 288 GTO, which is the first super sports car from Ferrari and the founder of this category among the Italians, with the F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari continued. Designed for Group B, Ferrari had to demonstrate the production of 200 units, but 272 units were actually built. The number of GTOs produced for road use was supplemented by five, which were intended for the racetrack. We hide these at this point, because the modelcars are about the street version: Available as a model under item number GT288.

And this, to directly come to the miniatures in rosso corsa; the only color for the role model that was available from factory. The modelcars are produced from the high quality polyurethan cast resin. So from high quality plastic, which perfectly matches to the construction of the body of the real 288 GTO. Quote: "The roof and the rear section are from kevlar / nomex material and the front hood from fiberglass-nomex-material. The rest of the body was built from fiberglass and covered a tubular stell frame!" A die-cast core also gives the miniatures from GT-Spiritmodels stability. There is only one difference: 70 Ferrari GTOs went up in flames because of insufficiently dimensioned fuel lines - buyers of the modelcars do not take this risk under any circumstances. The affected cars, it can be read, have been rebuilt.

As usual with the resin-models, doors and hoods remain closed. A 288 GTO is powered by an eight-cylinder engine. The V8 has four valves per cylinder and developes 294 kW / 400 hp from 2.9 liter of displacement. Shifting is done by a five-speed manual transmission. The 288 GTO accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds; in 15.2 it is at 200. Its top speed is indicated with 305 kilometers per hour. As we don't know it any differently, the models exactly correspond to their role models down to the smallest detail; appearance and line management are perfectly done and the repilica of the interior can not be done better. If the car models also experience an increase in value as with the role model? Hard to believe, because the original purchase price of 265,000 DM (old german currency) for a 288 GTO has increased to about three million euros nowadays. 

Here: Click to the modelcars from GT-Spitimodels


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