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LookSmart: New Ferrari modelcars to Vettel and Leclerc

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Top topic next weekend is the comeback of the Formula 1 to the Nürburgring, to which matching miniatures appear in scale 1:43

Ferrari SF1000 2020 Vettel 1:43 LookSmart
miniatures Ferrari SF1000 2020 Leclerc 1:43 LookSmart
Ferrari SF1000 2020, copyright Foto: Ferrari S.p.A.
automodelli Ferrari SF1000 2020 Leclerc 1:43 LookSmart
MercedesAMGF1 W10 No. 44 Hamilton 1:18 Minichamps
diecast #miniatures Set Mercedes Das blaue Wunder 1:18 iScale

After seven years of absence, the Formula 1 comes back to the Nürburgring. The Grand Prix of the Eifel is the eleventh race of the corona crisis weakened season and something very special for Ferrari. The German Grand Prix was held in the Eifel until 1976. With a length of almost 23 kilometers, the Nordschleife, known as the Green Hell, experienced its temporary end after the fire accident of Niki Lauda with his Ferrari 312 T2 on August 1st, 1976. The premier class of motorsport did not return to the newly built Grand Prix circuit at the Nürburgring until 1984; definitely less spectacular than its predecessor, 5.148 kilometers long, but much safer. The name Ferrari is therefore associated with the Nürburgring in a special way. At the right time, LookSmart is launching the 2020 season Ferrari SF1000 modelcars from Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel.

Scuderia Ferrari has baptized this year's company cars from Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc the Ferrari SF1000. In terms of optics and decoration, in which LookSmart is releasing the models with the item numbers LSF1027 and LSF1028, they correspond to the test in Barcelona 2020: On February 27th, Vettel drove the fastest lap of the day with a time of 1:16.841 minutes. The designation of the 53rd car of the Italians for Formula 1 is made up of the abbreviation of the team name, SF for Scuderia Ferrari and the number 1000 as a reference to the expected 1000th race in the automobile or Formula 1 world championship, which was ultimately carried out as the Tuscany GP and for which the Scuderia even donated their cars to paint in classic red. The SF1000 is powered by a 1.6 liter turbo V6 in combination with an electric motor.

But does the engine matter at the race on the Nürburgring next weekend? The teams expect very cold weather with changeable conditions, which is not exactly what the technicians and drivers in their efforts to be able to use tires and all systems optimally. "We come back to the Nürburgring, which is an unexpected pleasure, because this race was actually not part of the calendar. Of course, I'm very happy to drive in front of the home audience. ... Apart from this, it is a very intersting track with many turns with low and medium speed that puts a good traction in the foreground. When we come to the Eifel in October, we can be sure that it will be very cold!", so Vettel: "Thus it is vital that the tires work!"

With the Eifel GP, the Formula 1 is guest at the Nürburgring for the 41st time. Since it was first held as part of Formula 1 in 1951, the race has been held under several titles: the German Grand Prix, the European Grand Prix and twice the Luxembourg Grand Prix! However, the history of the Nürburgring goes back much further before the start of the Formula 1 World Championship and is associated not only with Ferrari but inevitably also with the brand with the star. On June 3rd, 1934, the Silver Arrows were born at the International Eifel Race on the Nürburgring: Manfred von Brauchitsch was the first Silver Arrow winner to make his mark in the history books with his Mercedes-Benz W 25. There are also a number of highly attractive modelcars of these vehicles, to which the link below leads you.

Here: Click to the F1-miniatures of Mercedes-Benz

Click here to the Ferrari from LookSmart


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