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Z-Models: The new Mercedes-Benz CLA in mountain grey

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The smallest version of the four-door coupe with flat roof comes in an attractive color in scale 1:18

Mercedes-Benz CLA C118 2019 1:18
diecast miniatures Mercedes-Benz CLA C118 2019 1:18
modelcars Mercedes-Benz CLA C118 2019 1:18
Modellautos Mercedes-Benz CLA C118 2019 1:18

The label Z-Models celebrated its pemiere in the market of modelcars in mid 2019 and comes also from the house of which the miniatures from GT-Spirtimodels and Ottomobile come, too. But the models are not from resine-plastic as with the other two brands, the Z-Models are built from diecast. The goal of the team from the French Josselin: Reducing cars, to which no miniatures are currently available. Then it offered itself to overtake the license for the production of models to the new Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, the newest generation which is designated interally with the model number C 118. This Mercedes-Benz CLA celebrated its premiere in early 2019 and it builds on the new A-Class with the designation W 177: It now comes under the item number B66960472 as an advertising model in mountain grey metallic to the trade. 

Attentive readers and collectors already know this model, because the four-door vehicle already appeared under the number B66960473 in sun yellow painting as well as in the factory packaging of the brand from Stuttgart. Two of the entrances to the scaled-down interior space are designed to be opened. The line management of the modelcars matches perfectly those of the role model and thus fulfills exactly the high requirements of the standard that we know from the shaping of the brands GT-Spirit and Ottomobile. The flawless finish of the processing will be recognized by the collectors also in terms of the fit of the plastic parts as well as the glazing and the radiator grill, the rear lights, but also the separately attached iron door handels. The glass roof nestles into the diecast environment with first-class craftsmanship.

The role model is equipped with four-cylinder diesel engines from 85 kW / 116 hp up to 140 kW / 190 hp as well as gasoline engines from 100 kW / 136 hp up to 165 kW / 224 hp. Du to the fact that the miniatures do not replicate the AMG-version, we skip this engine at this point. The smallest diesel engine already gives the CLA a top speed of 205 kilometers per hour; The top version has 244. The petrol engines without the addition AMG in their name can run from 215 to 250 kilometers per hour. As a hybrid, the CLA 250e gets 160 kW / 218 hp system power from its combination of a four-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor, which acts on the front-wheel drive via an eight-speed dual clutch transmission. The C 118 is produced in the Hungarian plant in Kecskemét, where the station wagon version is also created, for which our editorial team is eagerly awaiting the models in format 1:18.

Click here to the modelcars of the Mercedes-Benz CLA


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