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ShelbyCollectibles: New Ford GT40 from the year 1966

ShelbyCollectibles: New Ford GT40 from the year 1966

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Three new modelcars in scale 1:18 take up the prelude to the great success in Le Mans: Among them Ken Miles' No. 98 of the 24 hours race of Daytona

Ford GT40 Mk. II No.98 winner 24hDaytona 1966 1:18 ShelbyCollectibles
diecast miniatures Ford GT40 Mk. II No.98 winner 24hDaytona 1966 1:18 ShelbyCollectibles
mdelcars Ford GT40 Mk. II No.98 winner 24hDaytona 1966 1:18 ShelbyCollectibles
diecast miniatures Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 12hSebring 1966 1:18 Shelby Collectibles
Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 Sebring 1966 at Goodwood 2013, copyright Foto: Iain A Wanless
Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 2 12hSebring 1966 1:18 Shelby Collectibles
Ford GT40 Mk. II No. 1 2nd Le Mans 1966 1:18 Shelby Collectibles

Back in the years 2019 and 1966 again at the same time, is that possible? Yes, read correctly, dear friends, because ShelbyCollectibles delivered three new miniatures to the Ford GT40 this week. The racing car celebrated with its triple triumph at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 the first and perhaps the most famous success. Race drivers Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon were ranked first in the black GT40 by Shelby American Inc. with starting number 2; Ken Miles and Denis Hulme on the blue number 1 GT40 of the same team in second place ahead of Ronnie Bucknum and Dick Hutcherson on the 5 from Holman & Moody. The legendary race and the time it took to prepare for it were processed by director James Mangold in the feature film "Le Mans 66 - Against Every Chance" from 2019: It also dealt with the test run at Le Mans.

The participation of the number 98 Ford GT40 at the 24 Hours of Daytona was the test for the brand new racing car from Carroll Shelby. In the feature film, the fans experience how racing driver Ken Miles, embodied by Christian Bale, fights for the chance to take part in this race that was held in February and also receives it. It was also the test for the revised Ford GT40 - now labeled Mk. II - and its new 7.0-liter eight-cylinder. The long-distance race in Daytona has been part of the World Sports Car Championship since 1964; In 1966 it was held for the first time over 24 hours. Ken Miles set the fastest time in qualifying with 1:57.800. After 24 hours and 678 laps, Miles and Ruby won by two laps over teammates Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant.

The third-placed GT40 from Holman & Moody - piloted by drivers Hansgen and Donohue - was another lap behind. Under the item number Shelby415, ShelbyCollectibles is now launching outstanding modelcars with the starting number 98 and exactly the paint that was presented at the time. The miniatures are built from diecast and have not only steerable front wheels, but also all-round opening doors and hoods and tons of excellently made details. In addition to the harmonious proportions of the body, the miniatures shine with a meticulously modeled interior; However, the highlight from our editorial team's perspective is the engine compartment. The V8, amongst other things, with a prototypical coloring of its individual parts sets accents: every detail and the openwork tailgate inspire!

The lines, the intake and exhaust system, the radiator and the interior of the hood, which can be wide opened, are a dream from the perspective of model construction! The design of the tires and their tread, as well as the replica of the rims with their central wing nut, is equally positive! This is what Autoart's modelcars have in common with those of ShelbyCollectibles: technology is brought to life! You can literally smell the gasoline that drove the racing cars in Daytona and Le Mans back then: a real top product for every lover of motorsport! Hansgen and Donohue from Holman & Moody took second place with the GT40 Mk. II at Sebring's 12 Hours with starting number 3 a month later; the blue car of the same type - driven by Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant with the number 2 - almost won.

Pushing prohibited

But it turned out differently: A few meters before the finish line, the engine broke. Gurney jumped out of the car and pushed its, but of all Ken Miles cought up with him in the Ford X1 Roadster (a variant of the GT40) and won the race. That the starting number 2 was disqualified afterwards is due to the prohibition of pushing on the track. This, however, does not detract from the attractiveness of the models with the item number Shelby401, which have the same strong features as the other miniatures.

The modelcars to the Ford GT40 Mk. II 1966 in the dirty version (Shelby405) with its dirt particles remind of the hardness of a job that Le Mans basically means for vehicles. With the models to the starting number 2, the merits of Ken Miles are once again recognized; the third novelty of this week to the topic GT40 Mk. II

Here: Click to the modelcars from ShelbyxCollectibles


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