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Praktisch in die neue Woche: Der Dacia Duster II von Solido

Praktisch in die neue Woche: Der Dacia Duster II von Solido

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Die Franzosen sicherten sich die Lizenz zur Verkleinerung der zweiten Generation des aus Rumänien stammmenden Sport Utility Vehicles und bringen es im Maßstab 1:18

Dacia Duster II 2018 1:18
diecast miniatures Dacia Duster II 2018 1:18
Dacia Duster II 2018, copyright Foto: Alexander Migl
modelcars Dacia Duster II 2018 1:18
automodelli Dacia Duster II 2018 1:18

The editors don't want one thing in this article: Cite advertising slogans about status symbols for people who don't need status symbols. And yet no author can avoid it when modelcars for the Dacia Duster are parked on the desk in front of him. As already announced at the fair in Nuremberg at the beginning of this year, Solido has now presented the second generation of the SUV, which has an undemanding purchase price. The French from Josselin have delivered two miniatures for the moment: Under the item number S1804601, the models of the Dacia Duster II 2018 in taklamakan orange are avialable, in the color arctic white under S1804602. Solido euqipped both of them with a true to detail interior, steerable front wheels as well as openable doors and hoods. The collector can look forward to a low price. 

And so the miniatures are on the philosophical level of their role models, because with its cost price of around 11,500 euros, the Duster is one of the price hits in the segment in its second generation. Its predecessor was introduced in 2010; The public got to know the prototypes of the modelcars presented here at the IAA Frankfurt 2017 in five equipment lines: the Access version describes the basic equipment; Essential, Comfort, Prestige and Adventure are positioned above it. The engines available at that time were already revised in summer 2019. The basis as of today is a 1.0 liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, which uses a turbocharger to produce 74 kW / 101 hp, develops a maximum torque of 160 Newton meters (Nm) and brings the basic Duster to 100 in 12.5 seconds.

The top speed is given with 173 kilometers per hour. All Duster's up to the top model with 110 kW / 150 hp and 250 Nm from four cylinders have the support of a turbo charger and accelerate it to 202 kilometers per hour. Since 1999, Dacia belongs to Renault and is located in Mioveni, Romania. Therefore it's not surprising that the Solido label, which also comes from France, like the parent company, has received the license to manufacture the modelcars of the Dacia Duster Mk. II. The appearance of the small sport utility vehicle matches perfectly that of the role model; Add-on parts such as headlights, taillights, mirrors and roof rails also fit perfectly. In the interior, the collector can expect a replica of the dashboard that is true to the prototype and does not look as sparse as the price of the Dacia for the street would suggest.

Here: Click to the modelcars of the Dacia Duster II


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