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Congratulations: 50 years Opel Ancona A 1970

Congratulations: 50 years Opel Ancona A 1970

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Minichamps brings a middle-class car in scale 1:43 and as part of the Maxichamps-series, which should replace the Kadett C, but started a new series

Opel Ascona A 1970 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps
diecast miniatures Opel Ascona A 1970 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps
Modellautos Opel Ascona A 1970 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps
Opel Ascona A, copyright Foto: Luc106
modelcars Opel Ascona A 1970 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps

In the 1970s the world seemed even more intact in many places than we may feel today: In the absence of Facebook, Twitter & Co. it was not possible then, to get pictures of every catastrophy of the world in like real time. Which played a deceptive calm for us, because in fact there were events at the beginning of this decade that are reminiscent of today's news. Just the flood of news were more manageable. Likewise as the technology of the vehicles back then, which at that time could still be repaired by the proverbial horse-smith in every village. One of these frugal fellows, with whom, according to advertising, every kilometer should lead to a growing friendship between car and owner, was the Opel Ascona A, to which Minichamps brings two modelcars in scale 1:43 as part of the Maxichamps series.

The miniatures are produced from diecast and were delivered to the trade in two contemporary colors. The Opel Ascona A 1970 is built in red under the item number 940045800 as well as in light blue under 940045801. The replicated models of the two-door car correspond in form and appearance exactly to the middle-class vehicle, which was developed under the project name 1450 and whose design came from GM chief designer Charles "Chuck" Jordan. Parent company GM and Opel originally planned to present this car as the new Kadett C, but then they decided to install a new model series with the Ascona, which was positioned between Kadett and Rekord. The newcomer received its engine from these cars. Opel offered the 1.2 liter four-cylinder with 44 kW / 60 hp as the entry-level motorization; at the top of the scale, the 1.9 liter S with 66 kW / 90 hp lured. 

Between them, the 1.6 liter N with 50 kW / 68 hp and the 1.6 liter S with 59 kW / 80 hp were positioned. Depending on the motorization, the cars reached a top speed of 137 to 160 kilometers per hour. The history of the Opel Ascona A includes that Walter Röhrl with co-driver Jochen Berger became Rally-European champion in 1974 on a Ascona A. The modelcars take up the shape of the radiator grille with the chrome edging and the chrome exterior mirrors in accordance with the role model. Minichamps also coated the front bumpers with chrome; the interior is correctly replicated according to the time. About 690,000 units of the middle-class vehicle found a customer; the platform also served as the basis for the coupe Opel Manta A. Both cars are still popular with the fans of the manufacturer from Rüsselsheim, who should be happy about these models. 

Here: Click to the Opel Ascona A from Maxichamps


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