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Beautiful French: The Peugeot 504 cabriolet

Beautiful French: The Peugeot 504 cabriolet

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Maxichamps by Minichamps brings two modelcars in scale 1:43, which remember one of the most beautiful open vehicles of the 1970s

Peugeot 504 1977 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps
diecast miniatures Peugeot 504 1977 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps
Peugeot 504, copyright Foto: Chris Sampson 2008
Peugeot 504 1977 1:43 Maxichamps by Minichamps

Really suitable for the current summer weather conditions over Germany these days, the inexpensive label Maxichamps brings two miniatures, which replicate one of the most beautiful open French we know: The Peugeot 504 convertible. Before we come to the modelcars, we want to take a short look at the basis and the model series in general: The Peugeot 504 belonged to the upper middle class. The production of the four-door limousine had started in summer 1968 and ended in 1983; licensed versions of a pickup version were still in production in Nigeria until the end of 2005. A total of 3,711,556 units have been built. The Peugeot 504 is a design from the Italian design studio Pininfarina; responsible designer of the limousine was Aldo Brovarone, cabrio and coupe were personally designed by Sergio Pininfarina. And this hint brings us back to the topic. 

In spring 1969, the 504 coupe appeared, which had an independent body that had been used also as basis of the convertible. Compared to the limousine, the wheelbase was shortened to 2.55 meters: 504 coupe and convertible were 4.36 meters long and 1.70 meters wide. The height was 1.35 meters at the coupe and 1.36 meters at the convertible. the coupe and convertible were produced in the Pininfarina factory in Turin; final assembled in the French Sochaux. There the 504 recieved engine, transmission and suspension. The miniatures of the Peugeot 504 convertible from the model year 1977 appear in white under the item number 940112131 as well as under 940112130 in silver metallic and are delivered as open condition; as the still available coupes from diecast. The timeless design is still fascinating and is perfectly replicated by Minichamps / Maxichamps. 

Nothing looks old at this car. The four-seater convertible looks almost timeless, thanks to its straightforward lines. Doors and hoods remain closed. However, we want to take a metally look under the hood: In the 14 years of its production, the car was powered by a 1.8 liter four-cylinder with about 74 kW / 100 hp; up from 1974, the two sister models were also available with the 2.7 liter big PRV six-cylinder, which developed 100 kW / 136 hp in the beginning. With its introduction, there was a decent facelift, including larger taillights, which the almost ten centimeter long model shows true to the original. Friends: put these inexpensive modelcars into your showcase and enjoy the summer with it!

Here: Click to the modelcars from Maxichamps


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