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Soccer and duck: The Citroën 2 CV Cocorico in 1:12

Soccer and duck: The Citroën 2 CV Cocorico in 1:12

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Modelcars from diecast and with many functional parts to the Football World Cup 1986 remind us of the days when the ball was still running smoothly

Citroën 2CV Cocorico 1986 1:12
Modellautos Citroën 2CV Cocorico 1986 1:12
Citroën 2CV Cocorico 1986, copyright Foto: Frapane
diecast miniatures Citroën 2CV Cocorico 1986 1:12
modelcars Citroën 2CV Cocorico 1986 1:12

The Corona-crisis is not only bringing the global economy to its knees, but also the sport in all disciplines. Z-Models delivered modelcars in scale 1:12 last week, which are connected to the topic soccer and give us the opportunity to remember the times when the ball was still running smoothly: The Citroën 2CV Cocorico. The label Z-Models is based in the French Josselin and has announced at its debut in mid-2019 to reduce cars for which no models have been published so far. This was also achieved with the Renault Magnum Phase 2 truck in the term of the tractor unit from 2001 in scale 1:18 as well as with the Citroën 2CV Charleston Stand 1978 in size 1:12 and the Merceces-Benz CLA of the model series C 118. Z-Models is a sister brand of GT-Spiritmodels and Ottomobile for diecast models. 

And now comes another duck in large scale. The Citroën 2CV Cocorico had the two-cylinder with 21 kW / 28 hp under the bonnet and was to be driven with normal gasoline. It got the name Cocorico as exclusive model, which came to the market after the qualification of the French national football team for the world championship 1986 in Mexico. The body was painted in white; the hood cheeks at the front in red and the fenders at the rear in blue; matching the French flag and supplemented with adhesive kits in the area of the doors: With the tricolor on the flanks, the buyers should express their national feeling and cheer on the national team. This coloring tells Z-Models knowledgeably. Exactly 1,000 pieces of the prototype had been built, but it was probably considered too patriotic and striking; sales stalled.

The modelcars appear under the item number ZMD1200103 and are fully loaded with plus points: The collector finds a perfectly matching line management with the role model, an interior equipment true to the original and very detailed replica of the drive set in various colors under the openable bonnet. The front wheels are steerable, the doors can also be opened. They have foldable windows. The Cocorico-lettering can be found at the ventilation flap under the windshield and on the trunk lid. They are really successful modelcars that Z-Models offers collectors with this duck and not only interesting for fans of miniatures. By the way: The Football World Cup 1986 ended with a title for the Argentines; the French took third place. Germans were vice champion. 

Here: Click to the modelcars of the Citroën 2CV Cocorico


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