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Der Ball ist rund, der Käfer auch: VW 1303 von Solido

Der Ball ist rund, der Käfer auch: VW 1303 von Solido

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In den Farben eines Sondermodells, das Volkswagen zur Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 1974 herausgegeben hat, erscheinen Modellautos im Maßstab 1:18

VW Käfer 1303 World Cup Edition 1974 1:18
Werbung World Cup Edition 1974
diecast miniatures VW Käfer 1303 World Cup Edition 1974 1:18
modellautos VW Käfer 1303 World Cup Edition 1974 1:18

Even if it was not the last one of its kind, it nevertheless marked the end of its time: In 1972, Volkswagen brought the Beetle to the final stage of development with the VW 1303. The limousine attracted attention with the strongly curved windscreen, which was to distinguish it from all its predecessors. Volkswagen had to carry out this modification in order to comply with the US safety regulations that came into effect in August 1973, and required a minimum distance between the occupant and the windshield. At the same time, the Wolfsburg-based company also emphasized the new rear lights: the rear light unit was nicknamed the Elephant Feet because it looked like one. The modelcars that Solido is now presenting in scale 1:18 correspond in color senegal red to the year of construction 1974, in which the 1303 did not yet have the turn signals integrated in the bumpers at the front.

With the miniatures of the item number S1800513, Solido brings beautifully made modelcars to the World Cup Edition, which was sold on the occasion of the finals of the Football World Cup in 1974. It was the tenth edition of the most important tournament for national soccer teams and took place in the Federal Republic of Germany from June 13th to July 7th, 1974; crowned by the victory of the hosts. The special model "World Cup 74" was offered as a limousine in an edition of 300 pieces in the colors cliff green, rally yellow, senegal red and bright orange. Legendary features of the World Cup Beetle are the matt black hoods at the front and rear as well as the World Cup lettering on the side, the soccer ball as a knob for switching and the flag for the fan. Cute: VW advertised that an FM and AM radio included in the special package at no extra charge. The times were really different!

Here: Click to the modelcars to the VW 1303 World Cup Edition


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