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CMR brings the Pink Pig 1971 in scale 1:12

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The most demanding miniatures of the legendary racing car from Wili Kauhsen and Reinhold Joest will appear with the modelcars of the Porsche 917/20

Porsche 917/20 1:12 CMR
Porsche 917/20, copyright Foto: TJ
miniatures Porsche 917/20 1:12 CMR
Porsche 917/20 1971, copyright Foto: TJ
modelcars Porsche 917/20 1:12 CMR
Porsche 917/20 1971, copyright Foto: TJ
Modellautos Porsche 917/20 1:12 CMR
Porsche 917/20 1971, copyright Foto: TJ
Porsche 917/20 1:12 CMR
Porsche 917/20 1971 copyright Foto: TJ

With the modelcars to the Porsche 917/20 from the year 1971, CMR reminds on an extraordanary vehicle, which has long taken one of the front places in the history of motorsport in Stuttgart. We look back at the 39th version of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the car that started there with the number 23. In its cockpit: racing drivers Reinhold Joest and Willi Kauhsen. This car did not correspond to the other Porsche 917s, but went technically and optically in unusual ways. The previous year, 1970, the sports car manufacturer had achieved its first overall victory at Le Mans with this series; In 1971, in addition to the tried-and-tested vehicles, a modified version was used, for which CMR now released a model in the trendy large scale 1:12 under the item number CMR12010.

Its role model was a combination of short and longtail version with a revised aerodynamics and particularly wide body that Porsche has developed in cooperation with the French company SERA. The twelve-cylinder of this vehicle, called Porsche 917/20, remained unchanged and delivered as the sister cars 442 kW / 600 hp to the rear wheels. It was not only the technology that attracted attention. The racing car remained in the fans' collective memory especially because of its pink colored paintwork and the meat sections recored on it. This went back to the idea of Porsche designer Anatole Lapine. Because of the reference to a pig and its components, the Porsche 917/20 was nicknamed "The sow", "Fat Berta" or "Truffle Hunter".

The single-item won the preperation race and showed its potential, but retired in the race at fifth position because of an accident. The top speed of the car, which is still in excellent condition today, is around 360 kilometers per hour. In 2018, Porsche commemorated this legendary car with the 911 RSR GTE with No. 92 and achieved the class victory in the LMGTE Pro category with its paintwork. CMR produces the new Porsche 917/20 in 1:12 of the high-quality polyurethane resin. In appearance, the miniature corresponds exactly to the lines of the role model. The details in the cockpit and around the replica of the engine and drive cannot be made better by hand. With their 33 centimeters in length, the models, which also stand on their own, are indispensable for every Porsche and Le Mans enthusiast!

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