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Ferrari Testarossa: Memories to Miami Vice

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With a large model in scale 1:12, GT Spiritmodels set an automobile monument to the famous sports car as well as the television series

Ferrari Testarossa 1984 1:12
miniatures Ferrari Testarossa 1984 1:12
modellautos Ferrari Testarossa 1984 1:12
Ferrari Testarossa 1984, copyright Foto: Marty B.

GT-Spiritmodels released two large models in the scale 1:12 last week. One of these is the Ferrari Testarossa based on the role model from 1984, in which the sports car with the design created by Pininfarina celebrated its premiere. The French produce the modelcars of the high-quality polyurethane resin and deliver them under the item number GT258 in an edition of only 400 units. The Testarossa got its name because of its red painted valve cover, because translated into German Testarossa means "red head". Ferrari already had this name before, but it was spelled correctly in two parts. The vehicle manufactured at the Scaglietti bodywork in Modena is powered by a twelve-cylinder engine that delivers 287 kW / 390 hp to the rear wheels as a mid-engine.

The V12 with its 4.9 liter displacement accelerates the original version of the Testarossa from zero to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. The top speed is specified with 290 kilometers per hour. Its maximum torque is estimated at 490 Newton meters (Nm). The Testarossa received a revision in 1991 and 1994; In 1996 the production of this series, which is one of Ferrari's most successful, ended: a total of 9,939 cars, including 7,177 role models of our model car, were built. Much of its popularity is due to the Testarossa being placed on the Miami Vice television series, in which actor Don Johnson hunted criminals with the sports car as Sonny Crockett; in a pastel-colored cosmos of hairstyles, designer jackets with rolled up sleeves, sunglasses and coke.

With the here presented modelcars memories of the entertaining and internationally successful series are also awakened. GT Spiritmodels brings the miniatures in the quality known for the label to the collector, who need 38,33 centimeters of space to park it in the showcase. In 1:18 it is 24,88 centimeters. A 1:43 version with 10,41 centimeters of length would easily fit into the difference. GT Spirit produced the filigree slats on the sides of the body and the tailgate above the rear lights in perfect craftsmanship. Add-on parts such as a grill mask at the front as well as the exterior mirrors and glazing fit perfectly. An eye catcher for fans of the Testarossa as well as "Miami Vice", right? And - hear and be amazed - the only model of this famous sports car in our range at the moment. So it still seems to be popular!

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