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New mega athlete: Audi RS Q8 from Jadi Modelcraft

New mega athlete: Audi RS Q8 from Jadi Modelcraft

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Miniatures in scale 1:18 with all around openable doors as perfect replicas of the top model from Ingolstadt get top marks

Audi RS Q8 2020 1:18
Audi RS Q8 2020, copyright Foto: Audi AG
modelcars Audi RS Q8 2020 1:18
Audi RS Q8 2020, copyright Foto: Audi AG
diecast miniatures Audi RS Q8 2020 1:18

Supporters of Fridays for future will not understand that there exist people, who are happy about the modelcars of the Audi RS Q8 from Jadi Modelcarft, but we stand by our passion that applies to the role models as well as to the miniatures. With the RS Q8 in scale 1:18, the relatively young label presents a diecast-model that offers openable doors and hoods to its fans: The modelcars come from the production of Jadi Modelcraft; a label that hides the team of the well-known company Paragon Models with Jadi Motorcraft. If a collector visits the website, it says that the group wants to deliver the best models in the industry. Measured against the price range in which the Audi RS Q8 2020 with the item number 5011818651 appears, this claim can be seen as fulfilled: there are top marks for quality and finish!

The model reaches its buyers in the showy color drake orange. This coloring fits to the sporty appearance, which offers the RS Q8 in the small scale. For just under 100 euros, the collector receives a miniature with an appearance, which replicates the role model correctly to the last fugue. The outer skin translates the vehicle's design language with the series code F1 or the internal type designation 4M exactly into the so-called Bburago size. While the Audi Q8 base vehicle built at Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava on the MLB luxury class platform was presented in June 2018, Audi first showed the RS Q8 in November 2019 and at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Apparently the line between Audi and Jadi Modelcraft works well, because the rapid availability of the 1:18 modelcars cannot be explained otherwise.

The RS Q8 is powered by a eight-cylinder-biturbo that developes 441 kW / 600 hp out of 4.0 liter displacement and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. The all-wheel-drive equipped with all-wheel steering vehicle accelerates in 3,8 seconds to 100 and reaches 250 kilometers per hour as top speed. 305 kilometers per hour are possible at an additional cost. We do not see very much of the engine because of the prototypical cover, but the interior is very well replicated from the dashboard to the tailgate. The beads and edges, the honeycomb-shaped grill, the inserts for headlights and taillights, implemented by Jadi are not to be criticized. Will the role model harm the environment? No, we think that the number of items is far too small to be rightly criticized. But isn't the RS Q8 even more environmentally friendly? Sure, in the format 1:18!

Click to the modelcars of the Audi RS Q8


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