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Formula 1in Scale 1:18 - The Williams FW07B from Spark

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Racing friends, take note: Spark revives with the model car of the Williams FW07B from Alan Jones the glorious as well as dangerous time of aprons cars.

Williams FW07B im Maßstab 1:18 von Spark
Modell Williams FW07B im Maßstab 1:18 von Spark
Spark bringt Williams FW07B im Maßstab 1:18

If you want as blogger  to provide information on new model cars to refresh the memory of the examples of the model, then you have to currently be pretty nimble; especially when it is in the car models to models from Formula.After all this is indeed - as we all know - a particularly fast-moving area of our everyday motorist.The label Spark of Hugo Ripert is when it comes to working up starting fields from motorsport also a very fast industry participants and brings models from Formula 1 and various touring car series to the collectors almost before the models made their debut. But Spark is working on the past and now supplies the Williams FW07B of Formula 1 World Champion Alan Jones an amazing image and technically successful model car resine plastic made. To have for EUR 149.95 under the article number 18S117.

The Williams FW07B in scale 1:18

The model car simulates the car in which the in Melbourne, Australia racer Alan Jones won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1980. The vehicle was used by Albilad-Williams Racing team and is called the Williams FW07B. Jones made his debut in the premier class of motor racing at the Spanish Grand Prix in 1975 and came at the right time in the team of Frank Williams: Who just had a golden touch. He completed agreements with donors from Saudi Arabia and had alot of money available. This was partly responsible for that in 1979 Williams dominated the second half of the season with 5 wins; Alan Jones won 4 thereof. 1980 Jones took the title for Williams; after Jack Brabham in 1966, the second Australian to win a world championship in Formula 1.

Williams blossomed with the FW07 into a real team, brought with the help of money from Saudi Arabia with this car not only the first self-construction, but also the first car of Williams with ground effect, which Lotus has introduced in 1977: The page body of the Lotus 78 were shaped as an inverted wing and sealed to the outside by aprons that almost touched the pavement. This led to an enormous increase of the contact pressure and higher tempos on the racetrack. Williams took over the idea that needed to be defused later because of the perilous loss of this contact pressure when driving over curbs: Although the pressure increased, but escaped through when driving over the curbs under the skirt ends.

Ground effect era lasted only until the end of the 1982 season

This related, sudden loss of output could lead to dangerous departures. The airfoil was initially banned, before additionally a continuous strip had to be screwed under the cars. Spark has implemented not only the whole look of the FW07B, but also the details of the skirts perfectly with the high-quality miniature. While the collector can not see anything from lying under the disguised aluminum monocoque composite structure, he can look forward to the exact replica of the suspension with rocker arms above wishbone bottom and inside very tight spring legs. The FW07B was driven by the way from the tried and tested V8 engine from Cosworth.


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