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Final sprint: The Advent Calendar from Franzis

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In 24 steps to wonderful modelcars in scale 1:43, fitted with a sound chip and with accompanying extras: Do you already have your copy?

Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse W 463 1:43 Adventskalender
Adventskalender Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse 2019 1:43
Porsche 911 Adventskalender 2019 1:43
Adventskalender Porsche 911 2019 1:43
Porsche 911 Adventskalender 2019 1:43
VW T1 Bulli Adventskalender 2019 1:43
VW T1 Bulli Adventskalender 2019 1:43

In two weeks the time has come, dear friends: The 1st of December and the 1st Advent fall on the one and same day this year in 2019, on a Sunday by the way. A walk with the family or friends - to the nearest Christmas market maybe - offers itself downright. How the weather will be? We don't know! But what we know is that Advent without an Advent Calendar is just a half thing. And this brings us to the Advent Calendar from Franzis. At a very fair price, they turn to the friends of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. With their help you have a beautiful modelcar of these brands on the gift table for Christmas: Arose in 24 steps. In addition, there is a manual with the most important information about the role model and a diorama, sometimes even supplemented by billboards. And a sound chip with the sound of the engine!

Four advent calendars have appeared: Some little boy would have liked to lie under the Christmas tree in the 1960s, which is now possible as Advent Calendar 2019: A kit for the Porsche 911 from the year 1965. In the context of these kits from Franzis, the fans get a miniature painted in bali blue of diecast in scale 1:43, which you can assemble from six parts. Included in the plastic base are a battery-powered sound module and built-in speaker that reproduce the engine sounds of the historic nine-eleven. The 24 small boxes contain not only the components for the Porsche, but also small stands and background tablets with numerous historical photos on the history of the legendary sports car. This is also told through the enclosed, large-format companion book.

With the step-by-step construction manual, you can create a Porsche world of experiences for your home, for which little boys used to flatten their noses on the windows of the toy shops' windows. The Advent Calendar is available under item number MAP09600119. The fact that Porsche also built utility vehicles for agriculture is almost forgotten today. In the case of our Advent Calendar for the Porsche Master 419, the memory of it comes to life again. From the 24 small boxes the owner of this Calendar fishes the parts, which one needs for the replica of the tractor, which got the nickname "red nose". Its model drew its power from a four-cylinder with 3.5 liters of displacement. The 37 kW / 50 hp Master 419 was built between 1960 and 1963. The scale 1:43 model is made of diecast and plastic parts.

With it under the item number MAP09600519 are an accompanying book with assembly instructions as well as a corresponding variant of the plastic base including sound module for use in the Porsche 911. It is plugged in and screwed and at the end of the diorama with the dimensions of 19.8 x 7 x 8.2 inches it delivers the sound of the engine at the push of a button. These technical features are also included in the Advent Calendars for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Volkswagen VW Bulli. Franzis has created a three-piece kit under the item number 67052 for the current G-Class W 463. The model of metal and in the color iridium silver parks next to the already described plastic base with sound module.

Advent Calendar for Volkswagen-friends 

A accompanying book by Jürgen Lewandowski is enclosed with the 24 little boxes, which offer a building instructions for the diorama and an extensive backround knowledge to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Since its launch in 1979 it inspires with robust technology and a lot of variability and is today considered as an icon. The Volkswagen VW T1, which for many people was not just a minibus, but the epitome of unlimited freedom, has a similar history. With the Advent Calendar by Franzis (67089), collectors as well as Bulli fans will receive an exclusive set consisting of a modelcar to be assembled from eight parts, the sound module as well as the background tablets with historical photos and small 2D displays and the obligatory accompanying book. A must have for all car fans! We wish you a merry Christmas season!

Here: Click to the Advent Calendars from Franzis



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